Donald Trump Speaks At Ohio GOP Fundraiser, Says 'There's Been A Lot Of Craziness,' But Is Silent On McCain

Melinda Sineriz

President Donald Trump spoke Friday evening at a Republican Party fundraiser. He didn't mention Senator John McCain's decision to end treatment for brain cancer, according to NBC News.

Many political leaders on both sides of the aisle paid tribute to Senator McCain after his announcement.

"We are so fortunate to call him our friend and colleague. John, Cindy, and the entire McCain family are in our prayers at this incredibly difficult hour," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tweeted.

Democratic Representative Joe Kennedy III tweeted similar sentiments.

"Senator John McCain is a warrior in every sense of the word," wrote the representative. "To an inspiring man and a loving family, our thoughts are with you."

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and many more politicians praised McCain highly.

"When he was by your side as friend and ally, you couldn't have had a stronger ally, a stronger friend, and a better result," Democratic Senator Durbin said Friday, according to NBC News.

The president and McCain have had a contentious relationship over the years. McCain called Trump supporters "crazies," according to NBC News. President Trump questioned whether McCain was really a war hero.

During the Ohio speech, the president focused heavily on the Democratic party, saying that they would shed "innocent blood" if elected, according to the New York Times.

"Democrat immigration policies are destroying innocent lives and spilling very innocent blood," the president said. "We believe that any party that puts criminal aliens before American citizens should be voted out of office."

He also described the Democrats as being "negative" and "nasty."

President Trump also criticized ESPN and CBS for not broadcasting the national anthem due to controversy, according to the Daily Mail.

He praised Kanye West for his support, saying "Kanye West has some real power."

The president also criticized former FBI director James Comey.

"He's a liar and he's a leaker," Trump said, according to The New York Times.

The speech follows this week's plea bargain of Michael Cohen, the president's former personal lawyer. Cohen pleaded guilty to eight felonies. Paul Manafort, the president's 2016 campaign chairman, was convicted this week of fraud charges.

Today, Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg was granted immunity by federal prosecutors in exchange for providing information about Cohen.

"We're bringing it all back," the president said in his speech, according to the New York Times. "There's been a lot of craziness."