Demi Lovato Improving And Writing Her Most Powerful Songs Ever In Rehab, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

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Today marks a full month since singer Demi Lovato was found unconscious in her Hollywood Hills home. She had overdosed on a combination of Fentanyl and OxyCotin, drugs that can quickly become lethal if taken together. Luckily, paramedics were able to revive her with the opioid antidote Narcan.

Since then, Demi has been recovering and spending time with her family. She even spent her birthday, August 20, with her family and team. While she released a statement to fans letting them know she was all right and thankful to be alive, she hasn’t been putting herself in the media’s eye.

She’s taking some well-needed time to gather herself and go through rehabilitation, and those close to her are reporting that she’s doing well. According to an exclusive report by Hollywood Life, she’s even making new music during her recovery. Using her brush with death as inspiration, she’s working on some of her most personal content yet.

“Demi’s brush with death has inspired all kinds of new music. She is doing much better and is channeling her energy in a positive way. Demi is feeling so grateful to be alive,” a source close to Lovato said. “Things were much worse than her fans may realize. She was really close to death. Demi is taking this second chance at life and using it to write some of her strongest, most heartfelt lyrics ever.”

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This comes as good news to her fans and friends, including Iggy Azalea. HotNewHipHop reported that Iggy was “confident” that her friend would turn this harrowing experience into something positive. Because Demi has planned to stay a full two months in rehab to fully recover and gain her footing, that gives her a lot of time to mull over potential lyrics.

Her source says that, “Demi hopes her fans will learn from her near death episode and so they can learn and grow from her experiences too,” which strikes up hope that the singer will make a valiant return. Lovato’s work has served as an inspiration for many people, and her future music is bound to be even more touching and courageous.

“Demi has gone from despair to ambitious, and hopes she can help save just one other life with her new music. She feels if she can inspire one other fan to think twice about their decisions or if she can change the mind one person who is also struggling with addiction, then her horrible experience will all be worthwhile.”