Bath & Body Works Rolls Out New Halloween Collection

Even though summer is still in full swing, the fall season is quickly approaching, and with it the holiday favored by many. Halloween is right around the corner, and Bath & Body Works has already prepared their inventory for all things spooky and pumpkin spiced. Simple Most reports that the autumnal merchandise for the Halloween 2018 collection at Bath & Body Works is already out, a few months early.

In less than a week, pumpkin spice lattes will return to the menus of hot spot coffee shops and the shelves of grocery stores. Halloween and fall merchandise is slowly trickling into big name stores. This year, Bath & Body Works has more than 20 new Halloween items, including candles, soaps, night lights, and shea butter-infused socks.

Some of the new scents soon to be available at Bath & Body Works will be Vampire Blood, Hot Cocoa and Scream, Ghoul Friend, Trick or Treat, Witch Please, and Purrfect Pumpkin. Even more exciting is the $10 discount that Bath & Body Works is offering now through August 26, 2018, for shoppers using the code HARVEST on their orders of $30 or more purchases.

One of the newest items that Halloween fans can get their hands on at Bath & Body Works — so that they can usher in the witching season with a welcoming scent in their home — is the Vampire Blood three-wick candle. The fragrance is notes of blood red strawberry, dark Transylvanian plum, and midnight blooming jasmine. The three-wick candle is being sold for $12.95, but is normally $24.50, says Simple Most.

Bath & Body Works's Vampire Blood candle also comes in a miniature version for only $6.50. The same scent, Vampire Blood, is also available in a soap for $3.50 — normally $6.50 — and a hand sanitizer for $5.50. For those already considering going out to purchase the Vampire Blood candle, there is a holder being sold in Bath & Body Works that certainly is befitting the name of this holiday novelty item, fangs and all. The vampire figurine candle holder is available for $14.50.

Trick or Treat Foaming Hand Soap comes in a tangelo, mandarin, and musk scent. This soap costs $3.50. The decoration of the container is bright, lime green, with a smiling pumpkin filled with candy situated at the bottom of the graphic logo.

Bath & Body Works also brings customers a Hot Cocoa & Scream three-wick candle. This one is scented with notes of dark chocolate, milk, and marshmallow. The candle sells for $12.95 — normally $24.50 — and just like the Vampire Blood candle, comes in a miniature version. If someone wished to purchase a candle holder for this one, they may enjoy the Haunted Inn three-wick candle holder, which is a creepy, black and gray haunted home, priced at a whopping $98.50. The high tag may scare off some customers, so a smaller version is available at only $12.50.