Channing Tatum Reveals That Best Friend Passed Away In Gut-Wrenching Post: ‘I’ll Forever Miss Ya Man’

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Channing Tatum is going through a rather tough time right now.

Last night, the actor took to his Instagram page to pay tribute to his “first best friend Corey Vaughn.” In the gut-wrenching post, Tatum tells fans that Vaughn passed away this past Tuesday, though he does not give details as to how he died. But, judging by the message on his post, it’s clear to see that Channing is struggling after the death of his pal.

“I’ll never forget his crazy ass and how he stuck up for and protected me when I first moved to Mississippi. He’d a fought anybody. All the laughs and trouble we go in. I’ll never be able to see that smile of his again in this life.”

“And it just made me need to remind everybody don’t put off anything. Seeing a friend, or even calling or texting. You never know what’s next. Corey would have want us to laugh and raise hell in his wake and have as much joy as anyone can make. He sure did. And I’ll forever miss ya man. Love ya my brother,” he continued.

Along with the message on his Instagram post, Tatum shared a throwback photo of himself and Vaughn. In the image, it appears as though both boys just finished football practice as Tatum wears his full football uniform, pads and all, and Corey is pictured in white football pants and a yellow T-shirt while he holds his jersey and pads in his hand.

And since his heartfelt post, the 38-year-old’s fans have taken to the post to let Channing know that they are thinking about him during this difficult time. So far, the photo has amassed 351,000 likes in addition 2,500 comments. And Channing’s ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, also commented on the image to let her husband know that she is thinking about him.

“RIP Corey. All the love in the world to his family right now.”

As fans of the famous pair know, the couple recently announced that they would be parting ways after eight years of marriage together. According to People, the couple issued a statement letting fans know that they have been “lovingly chosen to separate as a couple,” while noting that there was no big drama, things just didn’t work out.

“Just two best-friends realizing it’s time to take some space and help each other live the most joyous, fulfilled lives as possible.”

The pair also said that they are fully committed to raising their daughter, Everly, together.