Roger Stone Predicts Mueller Will Charge Donald Trump, Jr. With ‘Lying To The FBI’

Rick WilkinGetty Images

In an interview given to The Political Insider, political fixer and Trump protege Roger Stone made the claim that he believes the special counsel led by Robert Mueller will soon turn their sights on President Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr. According to Breitbart, Roger Stone made it very clear that he believes that Mueller and his team are gearing up to indict Donald Trump, Jr. on charges of having misled FBI agents when questioned about the circumstances surrounding his meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin amongst others.

“The special counsel is going to charge Donald Trump, Jr. with lying to the FBI. Notice they’re not charging him for having an illegal meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower because there’s nothing illegal about that meeting. Put more precisely, the only thing illegal about that meeting was how the woman got in the country, how she got a visa from the Obama State Department, and why she was meeting with an official from Fusion GPS before and after the Trump Tower meeting.”

If this prediction were to be true, it would be seen as an tightening of the screw as Mueller seemingly seeks to prosecute anyone associated with the president in the past or present, having already laid charges on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort as well as former legal counsel to President Trump, Michael Cohen.

Stone went on to elaborate that while it was likely that Donald Trump, Jr. did not commit any wrongdoing, that was immaterial to the proceedings, implying that this was a move being made because the “deep state, the entrenched political establishment, is making their move.”

The meeting in question took place on June 9, 2016, at Trump Tower in New York City. Present were Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Jr., and contemporary campaign advisor Jared Kushner. On the other side of the table were Natalia Veselnitskaya, Rinat Akhmetshin, and several other figures set to allegedly discuss political opposition research that would expose presumed wrongdoings conducted by then-candidate Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

The curveball attached to the proceedings comes in consideration of the fact that the two named Russian contacts present at the meeting have been tied to Fusion GPS, a political research company initially employed by never-Trump Republicans and later the Democratic National Committee in their hunt for negative press on then-candidate Trump, according to The Hill.

Veselnitskaya herself, the central figure opposite Donald Trump, Jr. during the fateful meeting in June of 2016, pointed to Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson as not only the source of the discredited “Steele Dossier” that made wide ranging claims about Donald Trump’s sexual preferences and fetishes, but also as the victim of a “framing” by former British intelligence operative Christoper Steele that had fed him the bad intelligence, according to the Washington Times.

For his part, President Trump has made his stance clear on the subject, reiterating his view that the Trump Tower meeting of 2016 was entirely legal and that he had no personal knowledge of it in any case.

A current legal counsel for President Trump, Jay Sekulow, told ABC News that he does not believe Donald Trump, Jr. faces any real legal threat stemming from the proceedings.

“The question is what law, statute or rule or regulation has been violated, and nobody has pointed to one. I don’t represent Don Jr., But I will tell you I have no knowledge at all of Don Jr. being told that he’s a target of any investigation, and I have no knowledge of him being interviewed by the special counsel.”