Physicists Find Evidence Of Another Universe That Existed Long Before Ours, Along With A Ghost Black Hole

A group of international scientists have found extraordinary evidence which suggests that the universe we currently inhabit may not have been the first one after all, and this is based upon ghost black holes which have been discovered.

Physicists have suggested that long before our universe came into existence there were once other universes too, and these, like ours, would have had black holes, as the Daily Mail reported. In fact, they propose that cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) is proof positive that these ancient black holes of other universes once existed.

This view is shared by Oxford University physicist Roger Penrose, mathematician Daniel An from State University of New York Maritime College, and University of Warsaw theoretical physicist Krzysztof Meissner. These scientists believe that a brand new and updated theory of the Big Bang needs to be worked out that will take into account multiverse theory.

The theorythat these physicists are currently discussing is something that is known as conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC), which suggests that universes slowly develop, expand, and then die, with this all being done in a sequential fashion. When these universes do eventually die out, traces of their ghost black holes remain which can be detected around the newer universes that have formed around the older ones.

"If the universe goes on and on and the black holes gobble up everything, at a certain point, we're only going to have black holes," according to Dr. Penrose.

It is thought that over time, the mass of black holes diminish, and when this happens, radiation ventures forth in the form of the particles that are known as gravitons and photons. At this point, as Dr. Penrose explained, "then what's going to happen is that these black holes will gradually, gradually shrink."

Once these black holes have finally disappeared, large traces of these particles are still left behind where the black hole would have once been. However, due to Einstein's theory of relatively, these particles do not behave in the same manner as objects that have mass. What this means is that these particles are left behind in the universe and interact with absolutely nothing, according to Dr. An.

"So, a universe filled with only gravitons or photons will not have any sense of what is time or what is space."
When Dr. Penrose was asked whether he believes it is possible that traces of black holes from our own universe might also exist when our universe is long gone, he emphatically replied, "Yes, indeed!"

While the scientific community might not be in agreement right now with regard to the existence of other universes besides ours, with these ghost black holes, Dr. Penrose and other physicists press on with their claims.