Evicted ‘Big Brother 20’ Star Scottie Salton Talks Elimination, Who He Thinks Is Playing Best, And Regrets

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Scottie Salton, a 26-year-old Chicago shipping manager, was evicted Thursday night on Big Brother 20. The houseguests united for a change of pace to vote unanimously to keep Kaycee and evict Scottie, even though that meant that his own alliance voted against him. Now that he’s out of the BB20 house he’s sharing his thoughts and he’s not holding back.

Salton talked with Entertainment Weekly and said that he figures Faysal wanted him out either because he’s in a secret alliance that Scottie wasn’t aware of, or because Fessy is an idiot. The evicted Big Brother player said that at the end, he wanted to try to take some heat off of Haleigh and that’s why he suggested to Faysal that he put up Haleigh. He also said that seeing a tear in her eye when he tried to make it look like they were enemies was the hardest moment he had in the house.

Viewers got to see Faysal’s thought process in targeting Scottie, but Salton hasn’t had a chance to catch up to everything that went down yet. The eliminated BB20 star told TV Guide that it hadn’t even crossed his mind that Fessy might have targeted him because of his feelings for Haleigh. The evicted Big Brother contestants went on to say that if Faysal was fueled by jealousy or something like that, then he’s truly an idiot.

As Big Brother 20 viewers know, there was a lot of chaos in the house this summer due to mysterious votes. Scottie says that he stands by the vote he cast with Swaggy C, even though it made him seem untrustworthy. However, he knows that some thought he also flipped the vote in the first week with Steve and he thinks that’s stupid.

In terms of regrets, Salton admits that he wishes he hadn’t been as vocal about Steve that first week. He realizes now that he was perhaps too cocky or mouthy, and he knows it was a bad move.

Who does Scottie think is playing the best Big Brother game at this point? Salton pointed to JC for this one, noting that JC gets away with a lot in terms of his social game and always manages to be on the winning side of the vote.

When asked who is playing the worst game, it won’t surprise fans to hear him say Faysal’s name. Salton called him a “total shade monster” and added that he’s a hypocrite who won’t listen to reason. Scottie said that he thinks Fessy has a shot at winning if he gets to the Final 4, but he’d be surprised if he’s not knocked out before then.

What Scottie didn’t know upon his eviction, but Julie Chen clued viewers in on, is that there is a Battle Back competition coming up. Some houseguests have suggested that something like this might be on the horizon, and Scottie Salton certainly has a good chance of winning when it does happen.

Stay tuned for Big Brother 20 spoilers as Week 9 plays out to see if Scottie can win his way back into the game. If he does, he’ll definitely be hoping to exact revenge on Faysal for that eviction plan and try to shake things up in the BB20 house, and fans would love to see it happen.