‘General Hospital’ Star Kelly Monaco Shares News On Surgery, Thanks Loved Ones For Their Help And Support

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital actress Kelly Monaco is opening up and sharing some news with fans about some medical challenges she’s been working through in recent days. Kelly, who plays Sam on GH, hasn’t been posting to social media all that much lately. However, in the wake of having surgery and experiencing some tough moments, she’s letting fans in and thanking her loved ones for all of their support and help.

Monaco posted a photo on Instagram showing her in a hospital bed, wearing a hospital gown, with someone on the medical staff attending to her. Kelly tagged the post showing that she was at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, and she wrote a lengthy post explaining the circumstances she was facing.

The General Hospital star said that she had been dealing with excruciating, chronic pain for more than a decade now, and she had finally started to take steps to improve her health. Monaco explained that the issue was a torn labrum in her hip and she wrote that she was going through the first steps to better herself and her health.

The Mayo Clinic explains that this type of injury often comes from trauma, like a car accident, or from playing sports. It is often a result of activities that include sudden twisting or pivoting, like softball or golf, that can cause wear to the joint.

Some people don’t experience any symptoms with this type of labral tear. However, others may feel a clicking or locking sensation in their hip joint or experience pain, stiffness, or a limited range of motion in the area.

Kelly thanked a handful of people in her Instagram post for their help, including General Hospital as a whole as well as executive producer Frank Valentini for some beautiful flowers. Monaco called out Heath Freeman by name, noting her gratitude for his efforts to dry her tears and hold her hand both before and after the surgery. It seems that Heath also got her home stocked up with necessities to keep her comfortable during her recovery.

Some General Hospital fans would say that mentioning Heath seems notable since the two had been dating for a number of years and have seemingly stayed on friendly terms. Kelly also thanked an unnamed guy at work, and her followers will surely guess that she’s referring to co-star, friend, and rumored beau Billy Miller.

“… and thanks to that guy at work who always has my back, for being a cheer up florist and an awesome handyman!!!”

Monaco ended the post with hashtags referencing the show, telling followers to stay tuned, and noting that she is “small but mighty.” General Hospital fans are flooding this post of Kelly Monaco’s, wishing her well and hopeful that she’ll be feeling better and back to playing Sam in no time.