Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry Talks About Dolphins’ Head Coach Adam Gase

ElsaGetty Images

Jarvis Landry is the new star in Cleveland and is hoping to take the Cleveland Browns back to the playoffs at some point in the near future. Acquiring him this offseason was a huge step in the right direction for the Browns. He is coming off of the best season of his career with the Miami Dolphins in 2017.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, things between them and Landry could not be repaired. He made it fairly clear that he wanted a fresh start. Miami decided to go ahead and make the move to trade him to Cleveland.

Following the move, in a recent interview with ESPN, Landry opened up about the trade. He even took a subtle shot at Dolphins’ head coach Adam Gase.

“I just felt like, for some reason, Adam sent me here to die.”

That may not be much of a shot, but it became apparent that Landry was not happy with the direction Gase was taking the Dolphins. His brother also opened up about his thoughts on LeBron James and the city of Cleveland and how Jarvis wants to take the next step.

“I think that’s what he lives for. [The pressure of] ‘Man, I’m gonna put, just like LeBron, I’m going to put the city on my back and carry us through.’ I think he’s up for it.”

He also talked about Cleveland and wanting to become a sports great in the city.

“I’ve been working this offseason to put myself in place to earn the respect of all the Clevelanders. And to have the opportunity to be recognized as another great player that has touched the city of Cleveland.”

Last season with the Dolphins, Landry ended up catching 112 passes for 987 yards and nine touchdowns. Those numbers were career-high stats in both the reception and touchdown categories. Cleveland hasn’t had a true No. 1 wide receiver in quite some time, which is a role that Landry is hoping to fill.

At 25-years-old, Landry is ready for his new challenge. Tyrod Taylor is the starting quarterback in Cleveland with No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield backing him up. Both quarterbacks are better than what the Browns have had to deal with in recent years.

Landry may never end up rising to the level that James was at in Cleveland. That level might be unattainable for anyone. That being said, he does have the chance to help Cleveland fans move on and find hope in their NFL franchise once again.

Expect to see Landry put up big numbers once again this season. The Browns may not make the playoffs in 2018, but new management has the team heading in the right direction.