Drinking, Dating And Sex: How Alcohol Affects Your Chances To Get Between The Sheets On First Dates

Alcohol and dating go back for as long as dating has been a thing. See an attractive potential partner at a bar? Buy him or her a drink! Hitting it off? Buy him or her more drinks! Don't care about consent? Plow him or her with more drinks until their inhibitions are turned off.

OK, so that last point wasn't meant to be taken seriously. After all, getting someone drunk and then taking advantage of them sexually is a crime, and it's unethical, so don't do it. But of course, we all know it goes on, and according to new research from alcohol rehabilitation facility chain American Addiction Centers (Alcohol.org), there are actually some pretty precise patterns that come into play when it comes to alcohol, dating, sex, and consent.

For example, did you know that many participants on a first date have already had one or more drinks before they even show up? Thirty-seven percent of poll respondents say that they have one or more drinks before the first date, perhaps to take the edge off of the nerves. During a first date, 83 percent knock back one or more.

"Drinking with a date has always been a way to work up the courage to make a move. Some people need a drink just to walk up to a girl at a bar and start a conversation."
lots of people drink before and during dates

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is, "How many drinks does it take to get someone into the sack?" Well before we answer that, we have to issue a couple of disclaimers. First, we're not going to answer that, because the Inquisitr is not going to tell you how to plow a date until they're unable to give consent to sex. And secondly, we're merely reporting research, and not issuing a guide to dating.

As you've already suspected, more booze equals a higher likelihood of the date ending up in the bedroom. Just 10 percent of first dates that don't include any alcohol end in sex, while 51 percent of dates that include five or more drinks end with sex.

Of course, there's a legal and ethical issue at play here, and that's this: as mentioned above, having sex with someone who is too drunk to give consent is immoral and a crime, so don't do it.

Beyond getting your date into the hay, there's another goal that people have when playing the dating game: getting a second date. And as it turns out, there's a Goldilocks Zone for drinking that makes you more likely to get a second date. The magic number appears to be three drinks.

don't give your date too many drinks

It's not clear why three drinks seem to be the magic number (or as close to a magic number as there can be in the dating game). But the researchers believe that, on the one hand, a drink or two (or three) lowers inhibitions to the point that the participants are more likely to enjoy each other, while four or more could appear to be coming on too strong.

The takeaway? As you've been told about alcohol since you first learned about it, moderation is the key, and that comes to drinking on dates as well.