‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ava Wants To Hurt Griffin, Mike’s Frazzled, & Margaux’s Motives Are Questioned

Craig SjodinABC

Friday’s episode of General Hospital is slated to be an intense one. Ava is still reeling after learning that Griffin slept with Kiki and she’s not about to let go of this. Margaux and Drew are dancing around one another, both hiding ulterior motives, and both Carly and Jason will have some thoughts about this pairing. In addition, Mike’s illness continues to cause significant declines in his health and it looks like Sonny is not going to be able to avoid some tough decisions for much longer.

The preview for Friday’s show shared via Twitter reveal some significant General Hospital spoilers regarding what’s on the way. Ava and Griffin will cross paths, and she will make it clear how she feels at this point. Her anger has not softened at all, apparently, as she will tell Griffin that she wants to make sure that he hurts as much as she does.

Chase has managed to become appointed as the liaison between the WSB and the PCPD in order to keep tabs on what’s happening with Anna and Finn, but Robert isn’t happy about it. General Hospital spoilers detail that Chase will plead with Robert to let him help with this case, and while Robert is resistant, it seems likely he’ll come around and accept all the help he can get.

Finn and Anna are pressuring Cassandra to cooperate with them to try to get a leg up on their captors. Finn explained that he created a medication combination to pull her out of her coma, but both he and Anna insist that if Cassandra doesn’t play along with their plan, they’ll ensure she goes back into a coma.

Drew and Margaux will continue to dance around one another during the August 24 show. General Hospital spoilers share that she will ask Drew why it seems hard to believe that she could just be genuinely interested in getting to know him. He will likely play along here, but viewers know that he’s digging around and suspicious of her motives.

Carly and Jason will see Drew and Margaux together and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Carly will freak out in typical Carly style. She’ll feel sure that Margaux is trying to uncover evidence against Jason, and SheKnows Soaps reveals that soon Jason will approach Drew and try to warn him off of getting too close to Margaux.

Mike’s health has been declining rapidly and it looks like there’s more trouble on the way. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Felix and Sonny will have a discussion about Mike’s situation, with Felix apparently reassuring Sonny that he’ll know when it’s time to move Mike to a facility where he can have more assistance.

Mike will experience an unsettling situation of seemingly worrying about someone being at the home, and he looks quite frightened in the previews. Sonny has been determined to keep his father at home with him, but it looks as if that probably won’t be a realistic option for much longer.

How far will Ava go to hurt Griffin? What kinds of secrets is Margaux hiding? General Hospital spoilers tease that some exciting storylines are coming this fall and fans will not want to miss where things head next.