The Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Female Gamers

There’s a saying in certain circles that the only thing hotter than a girl gamer, is a sexy female gamer, with bonus points if she’s a celebrity. While women in gaming rarely get their fair due, there are tons of girl gamers out there flat out shredding it and popping head shots. They can be found in everything from FPS games to RPGs, and some of them are not only good, they are epic. Don’t let the fact that they are celebrities who spend a fair amount of their time in the public eye fool you into underestimating them either, a couple of these ladies are rumored to have what it takes to go pro.

Mila Kunis, was a World of Warcraft addict. She has admitted that she would spend a full day playing WoW, and not even notice the time passing. It got so bad at one point, that she nearly needed an intervention and had to give it up. Of course she didn’t abandon video games completely since that would be nuts. She changed her go-to game to Call of Duty and if she is addicted to that now too, according to Clipd.

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Megan Fox likes to get her game on with Mortal Kombat. She says that MK is her game of choice because for some reason it just works well with her brain. She’s such a big fan, she lobbied hard to play the role of Kitana in any upcoming Mortal Kombat movie that may happen at some point. Cool as that would be to the guys at Comicbook, what everyone really wants to see her yelling “Get over here!,” because hearing Fox yell that in any context is kinda sexy.

Aisha Tyler is one of the baddest and sexiest female gamers around, bar none. She is so deep in it, she goes to E3 every year so she can be on top of everything coming out. She doesn’t express any single favorite game or platform, she just says she plays them all, and if you’ve ever seen any clips of her when she goes full zen and starts blowing through everyone between her and a boss fight. She has skills and sex appeal, a deadly combination.

Olivia Munn has her full geek creds for life, and she is loved not only for her epic Princess Leia cosplay, as seen at Inquisitr, but because when she talks about gaming, there is no denying that she is legit. She admits to being hooked on video games and cites Guitar Hero and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as her favorites. There’s no denying her sexiness, and she has thrown down with some of the best around playing COD and held her own.

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Finally, there is no denying Felicia Day being here. She literally built her career around gaming with her web series, The Guild, per Ranker. Although she went on to major stardom, she never left gaming behind her and still makes time for gaming whenever possible, even after having her first baby. Some would argue that Day is the one who made it cool for a lot of female celebrities to come out and talk about their gaming.

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There are tons of sexy female celebrities who game. Some are hardcore, and some are casual, but it’s all good. Kim Kardashian is a Call of Duty gamer, Jessica Alba is down with anything Nintendo, Adrianne Curry and Cameron Diaz are hooked on WoW. Just remember, there’s no telling who’s sitting in that sniper’s nest past the abandoned jeep, or who’s controlling that shadowy elf warrior looking to make a trade just outside of the gates. It could be a kid from Iowa, or it could be Jessica Simpson.