Farrah Abraham's Daughter Wears A Crop Top, Fans Are Outraged

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham found herself in hot water today after her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, posted a photo to her Instagram. In the photo, Sophia can be seen holding a puppy and wearing just a sports bra and leggings. According to In Touch Weekly, the post received major backlash, with some fans calling her outfit "inappropriate" and wondering why Sophia "isn't dressed modestly."

The photo, which appears to have been taken at a boxing gym, led many fans to also speculate why Abraham was there with her daughter and a dog.

"Just a couple questions? Why is your kid in a kickboxing gym at nine years old? Why is your kid wearing a crop top that is too big and hanging off her in a gym with grown a-- men? Why do you have another f--king animal you don't have time to take care of. And again why is this animal in a gym?" someone wrote.

As In Touch Weekly reports, Abraham and her daughter have had their fair share of scandals. In July, their dog, Blue, passed away. A petition was created to keep the mother and daughter away from pets, alleging that the dog died after Sophia "viciously grabbed his throat and threw him outside," and that the dog died from its injuries. Though the cause of the dog's death has not been confirmed, the petition also calls for the removal of Abraham's horse and their other dog.

Additionally, Abraham was called out for her daughter's attire last month, when the pair visited TMZ. In the photo, Sophia is wearing a crop top and shorts. Comments on the photo urged Abraham to dress her daughter more modestly, to "cover her up," and insisted that Sophia will be "12 and Pregnant."

The 27-year-old boxer spoke to In Touch Weekly about the photos.

"Sophia owns her own store is very fashionable — she loves expressing herself with fashion and makeup, and she picks out her outfits. It's Summer, so Sophia, to me, wearing a hoodie is very covered. Proud of my daughter and her Glam lifestyle."

Aside from her wardrobe, many have taken issue with Abraham allowing her 9-year-old to wear makeup, even to school. She was allegedly called into her daughter's school after the principal took issue with Sophia's makeup. Abraham defended her daughter's choices and insisted that if the principal did not want Sophia to wear makeup, then she shouldn't either.

"And then ever since I've seen that principal she hasn't had makeup on her face," Abraham said.