Selena Gomez Turning To Friend Jennifer Aniston For Support During Difficult Year, 'Hollywood Life' Reports

Selena Gomez has long seen actress Jennifer Aniston as a role model, but the two have reportedly grown even closer as Selena has come to lean on her friend for support during what has been a difficult year for her.

A report from Hollywood Life claimed that Selena has had a tough time dealing with the engagement of former flame Justin Bieber and balancing the pressures of her increasingly busy schedule. Even though there's a significant age difference between the two, Selena has reportedly found a sense of security and support from Aniston.

"Selena gets a lot of love and support from Jen Aniston. They always make time for each other and stay connected with phone calls and texting even though their busy schedules often keep them on opposite coasts," a source told the celebrity news outlet. "Selena has had a tough year with her love life, relationships, health and career and Jen has always been a rock in her life. Jen gives her amazing advice and also listens to her when she needs a shoulder to cry on. Selena totally loves Jen and really values her friendship."

It wasn't just the engagement of Justin Bieber that hit hard for Selena Gomez. A previous report from Radar Online claimed that Selena was very shaken by the overdose of longtime friend Demi Lovato. Though the former Disney actresses are no longer as close now as they were in their younger years, Selena still considers Demi a close friend and took her overdose hard.

The report noted that Selena, who, like Demi, has been open with about her personal struggles, felt that it could have just as easily been her. After Demi's overdose, Selena reportedly reached out to her friend.

"When Selena found out the news about Demi, she was very upset and emotional," a source told E! Online, noting that the two have "always shared a special bond and they still have love for one another."

"Selena has reached out to Demi's family members to share her love and prayers, and she is really distraught about her health," the source claimed. "She hates that Demi has been suffering."

The current report noted that Selena Gomez has been turning to Jennifer Aniston for some romantic advice, especially since Selena hasn't had much luck in that area. Instead of dwelling on her love life, Selena instead is trying to dive into her television and movie projects, the report noted. It's not clear what advice Jennifer Aniston may have given in that regard.