‘I Opened The Door To A Huge Penis’: Hotel Workers Share Their Most Bizarre And Disturbing Stories On The Job

When human beings leave their homes, they often leave their inhibitions behind — and the strangest, most twisted aspects of their nature lay exposed. Few people bear closer witness to this disturbing phenomenon than hotel employees, who when they open the door to a guest’s room, whether to deliver room service or simply to clean and straighten the place up, never know what shocking sight might be on the other side.

Four such hotel employees spoke to Britain’s The Sun newspaper for an article published on Thursday, detailing some of the most gruesome, shocking or simply embarrassing sights, sounds, and even smells than they’ve been unlucky enough to experience behind the closed hotel doors.

The Sun article is far from the first time that hotel workers have shared their horror stories in public. A BuzzFeed compilation recently detailed some of the bizarre activities hotel guests get up to, with one finding a severed fingertip in a bathroom covered with blood, while another told of cleaning the bedsheets after a couple whose frisky weekend getaway apparently included copiously urinating on each other on the bed.

Unwelcome exposure to the sexual oddities of guests seems to be one of the most common complaints of hotel workers.

“I opened the door to a huge penis when I was delivering room service,” Maria Andrews, an employee at a “four-star hotel,” told the paper. “I walked in and put the tray of two beers and some nibbles on the table. He wandered towards me. I didn’t notice he was starkers until I asked him to sign the bill. As I stood up his willy came into view. It was enormous. I can only assume he wanted to show it off. His wife was in bathtub next door also naked. Neither of them were drunk. They were just blatant exhibitionists.”

'I Opened The Door To A Huge Penis': Hotel Workers Share Their Most Bizarre And Disturbing Stories On The Job
Hotel workers have caught guests in a wide variety of compromising and embarrassing situations.Featured image credit: Hulton ArchiveGetty Images

One of the most common occurrences that the hotel workers related to The Sun — newlywed couples who check in for their romantic wedding night, only to have the groom sneak off to another room to cheat on his new wife just hours into the marriage.

“Couples to go to their rooms, then when the bride passes out drunk the groom goes and has sex with someone else,” reported hotel receptionist Anna Thistlethwaite. “He’ll even go back and check his new wife is still asleep before returning to the woman in the other room. It happens a lot.”

But perhaps none can match the tale told to The Sun by Maria Smith, who worked at one of “the poshest hotels” on Britain’s Isle of Man, and who witnessed the gruesome fate of one guest who was at the hotel to attend one if the island’s famed motorcycle rallies.

“His intestines had exploded and he hemorrhaged out in the room. The stench was awful. You could smell it along the corridor,” she told the paper. “The room was like a scene from a Quentin Tarrantino film with blood on the carpet, the bed and up the walls. You just have to clean it up as quickly as possible so the room is ready to rent again.”

'I Opened The Door To A Huge Penis': Hotel Workers Share Their Most Bizarre And Disturbing Stories On The Job

A recent, similar article on Ranker also contained some harrowing hotel worker horror stories, such as the man who chatted up a hotel bartender to tell him the prostitute he’d hired that night was dead in the hotel bathtub with her wrists slit.

After the bartender ran to call 911, he returned to find the man slumped over the bar, dead from an overdose.

“I got a week off work to deal with it,” the bartender said, in the Ranker article. “And was shocked when I came back to find everything normal, like nothing happened.”