Justin Bieber Buys Mansion With Its Own Horse-Racing Track In Canada For $5 Million, Per 'TMZ'

Did Justin Bieber just purchase a new home for him and Hailey Baldwin?

The 24-year-old popstar is going back to his roots, as he just recently purchased a beautiful mansion complete with its own horse-racing track, in his native home of Ontario, Canada, and money was clearly not an issue as the Biebs forked over a whopping $5 million for the breathtaking house.

On Thursday, TMZ reported that Bieber decided it was time for him to have his own place back in his home nation. The "Sorry" singer spared no expense for his new digs, which he became the proud owner of on Monday, as it overlooks the stunning Puslinch Lake and comes with a wide array of upscale amenities such as a gym, a movie theater, a game room, a wine room, which contains two floors and automatically adjusts to the room's temperature, and heated floors.

The house also comes quipped with a garage big enough to fit three cars, three fireplaces, four bedrooms and six bathrooms. All-in-all, Bieber's new residence totals up to 9,000 square feet.

While it may not be that uncommon for many celebrity houses to contain such features, Bieber's house might possibly have the one thing all those other celebrity houses don't: its own private "5/8 mile" horse-racing track, complete with horse stables. Although it is unclear if horses actually came with the property, if Bieber were to decide to get into the equestrian business, he now possesses the ability to do so.


Another unknown factor is whether or not the "Love Yourself" singer plans to actually live in his Canadian mansion full-time with his fiancée Hailey Baldwin once they are married, or if it will be more of a summer home. Bieber currently rents a swanky house in West Hollywood, while Baldwin resides in a loft in Brooklyn, New York.

The couple recently visited Canada where they spent some quality time with Bieber's family. Many fans speculated that the two might have possibly been looking into wedding venues while they were in town, as it has been reported that the "Baby" singer wouldn't mind getting married there, as he still considers Canada his home.

Despite Bieber's newest purchase, fans shouldn't take this news to mean that he and Baldwin, 21, are now on a fast-track to the alter, as it was recently reported that the couple has decided to put their wedding planning on hold as it was getting to be a little too overwhelming for them since they are both still young. The couple will now take their time and enjoy being engaged in the process.