'Big Brother 20' Spoilers: The Week 8 Eviction Seems Set, Players Turn Worries To Alliances & Future Evictions

Thursday night's episode of Big Brother 20 brings another eviction and this one doesn't look likely to be a massive shocker. Faysal was needled into thinking that Scottie is a threat to his showmance with Haleigh and had voted against his plan last week, so it looks like he'll be evicted over his fellow nominee. However, BB20 spoilers hint that things are still getting intense in the house as the competition gets fierce.

Big Brother Network explains that things have seemed fully settled regarding this Week 8 eviction for much of the week and it doesn't look as if there will be any last-minute shifts. Head of Household Faysal and showmance partner Haleigh have agreed that Scottie needs to go, even though he's really their only other ally.

Naturally, Tyler and Angela are all for this idea of evicting Scottie. In addition, Sam, Brett, and JC are along for the ride to keep replacement nominee Kaycee over Scottie.

Scottie may think he has some votes to support him heading into Thursday's eviction, but he isn't nearly as close to being able to stay as he may think. Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds detail that he hasn't even been campaigning to stay, but he has been hoping for a Battle Back twist or something like that to get back into the house.

With this next eviction settled, most players have been looking ahead to next week. Haleigh and Faysal have been trying to orchestrate a deal with Tyler and Angela, and Big Brother spoilers suggest that they may be feeling a little more confident about this partnership than they should be. Many houseguests have been speculating that Thursday night might bring a double eviction, and there has been a lot of talk over who each person will nominate if they win the next Head of Household.

As Big Brother Daily recapped from the live feeds, JC has been stirring things up a bit. He confronted Tyler about what he thinks is a showmance with Angela, but Tyler denied there's anything substantial happening between them. JC talked with Brett about suspicions he has regarding Tyler, Angela, Haleigh, and Faysal making a deal, and he also talked with Tyler about Brett seemingly being entirely on his own at this point.

From JC's perspective, Brett is only a part of their alliance until they get to the Final 5 and then he's toast. Big Brother spoilers suggest that Brett and Sam might be tiring of one another and JC admitted to Tyler that he was jealous of how close he was getting to Angela. Will these shifting friendships impact the upcoming competitions and votes?

Big Brother 20 spoilers hint that the next HOH may be another time-consuming one that will leave viewers hanging at the end of Thursday's episode. Scottie seems a sure bet to be evicted, but everybody will be curious to see where things go from there.