Mayim Bialik Opens Up About The Cancellation Of 'The Big Bang Theory'

Mayim Bialik on Thursday opened up about her feelings about the cancellation of The Big Bang Theory, and while she's undoubtedly sad about what it means for her and her character Amy, she's looking forward to the next phase of her life.

As you are by now no doubt aware, CBS announced this week that the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory, its 12th, will be its last. As Esquire reported this week, Warner Brothers and Chuck Lorre, the show's producer, collectively decided that it was time to move on after 279 episodes (plus the Season 12 episodes).

Mayim Bialik, for her part, wasn't brought on to the show until the tail end of Season 4, for what was supposed to be a one-off guest appearance as Amy Farrah Fowler. However, so popular was Mayim with the fans that she, as well as her other Season 4 addition, Melissa Rauch (Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz), became fan favorites and show regulars.

Writing on her blog, Grok Nation, Mayim wrote about her disappointment on hearing that the upcoming season of the show will be her last.

"It's very sad. I fear it's going to be very hard to not cry every day for the next 23 episodes!"
"I love my job. I love my castmates, and I feel such appreciation for our incredible crew, our brave writers, our entire staff, and our amazing fans. So many people are a part of our Big Bang family."
When she was brought on to the show those many years ago, Mayim was working at her day job as a neurologist (yes, Mayim is a neurologist, just like her character). Now, however, she'll likely never have to work again if she doesn't want to. And she's a mom as well, with two boys approaching adolescence.
"I am a mother of two sons, which is my most critically important job. I am planning a Bar Mitzvah (it's in a month!) and making sure soccer cleats fit. I protect tiny hearts, and I explain the world to these small people. That's my job."
So what's next for Mayim Bialik after The Big Bang Theory ends? She doesn't know, but she'll probably focus on her kids, at least for a little while. And there may yet be a spinoff - even though neither Mayim, nor Jim Parsons, nor anyone associated with The Big Bang Theory has said anything publicly, the show has basically been telegraphing a "Shamy" spinoff since the middle of Season 11. Stay tuned, as they say.