Chrissy Teigen Shares Adorable Video Of Luna Promoting Pampers Diapers

There's nothing quite cuter than Chrissy Teigen and her daughter Luna.

As fans of the model know, Teigen plays the role of a doting mother very well, oftentimes posting videos and photos of her daughter Luna and her son, Miles, for her millions of Instagram followers. Today was certainly no exception as the mother of two shared a sweet video of herself and her daughter Luna as part of a partnership with Pampers.

The video starts off with Luna walking around a photo set before she is scooped up by her mother, who says, "Hello, my girl!" Teigen then holds little Luna on her lap for a short time before the video goes back to Teigen talking in a chair by herself. The model looks amazing in a form-fitting white dress with a green colored kimono over it as she wears her hair slicked back in a ponytail with subtle curls.

In the video, the 32-year-old explains that she used to wonder why other mothers were so insistent on finding a certain blanket for their child, wondering why they can't just give their kid any old blanket. But now that she has children of her own, Teigen says that she finally gets it. She then goes on to explain something that is very special to Luna.

"She has this tin can with this tiny twig in it. And if this twig were lost, I swear the world would stop."
The video then pans back and forth between Luna playing in her diaper and her and her mom laying together in bed. In true Chrissy form, she does throw a joke in there, saying that Luna gets the most incredible and healthy meals but when she puts her to bed, Chrissy says that she will oftentimes eat a hot pocket.At the end of the video, Teigen explains that there's just no compromising in giving your kids the best products that are available and that is why she's chosen Pampers. And it comes as no shock that Chrissy's video has already earned her a ton of attention with over 40,000 likes and 330-plus comments in just two hours of posting.

Many fans commented on what an amazing mother Chrissy seems to be while countless other fans could not help but gush over how cute little Luna is.

"Why did this make me cry?! So sweet."
"This is cute af- BUT did you watch the RHONY REUNION," another fan wrote.

"God's richest blessings on the Stephens' family," one more chimed in.

Just another reason to love Chrissy Teigen.