'Bachelor In Paradise' Week 4 Spoilers: Monday's Show Brings An Early Departure & A Rose Ceremony Shocker

The drama of Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 continues with a new episode airing on Monday, August 27 and spoilers regarding what's on the way have emerged. There are multiple love triangles playing out in Mexico at this point and it sounds as if the pressure will take a toll on more than one contestant during this next episode. What can viewers expect?

The preview shared by ABC at the end of the last show teased that Jenna Cooper will remain torn between Jordan Kimball and Benoit Beausejour-Savard. Jordan did what he could to woo her back after her great date with Benoit, but this love triangle will continue for now.

Benoit will be spending a lot of quality time with Jenna and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that Jordan will be very frustrated and jealous. The synopsis from ABC shares that Jenna will come off as a bit fickle as she bounces between the two guys and things will get intense.

"Grocery Store Joe" Amabile, Kendall Long, and Leo Dottavio are in a triangle now too, and that will also be a prominent part of Monday's show. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that Kendall will feel as if her heart is with Leo, but apparently, he'll be facing an intense discussion with Kevin Wendt over a kiss Leo planted after his date with Kendall.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that one new arrival will be determined to get a yes from a gal already in Mexico who had been anxious for him to arrive, but she'll have fallen for someone else in the meantime. It seems that this gal will eventually say yes, and the date gets steamy. However, the guy back at the resort will do his best to win her back.

One bachelor will decide to leave Mexico on his own, and the gal who thought she was developing a relationship with him will be left upset and feeling desperate. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that she'll soon get a date with a newcomer and it sounds as if the date will go well. It's not known for certain who is referenced by these teases, but it seems this might be tied to Annaliese Puccini, Kenny King, and Kamil Nicalek.

Monday night's episode also brings trouble for one seemingly solid pair. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that the lady involved will be feeling insecure and this will lead her guy to suggest that she explore the possibilities with other men there. Again, it's not known for certain which couple this is, but it sounds as if it might be Kevin and Astrid Loch.

The women will be the ones handing out roses, and the guys will be feeling uncertain as they head into this rose ceremony. Joe and Leo will both be hoping for Kendall's rose, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that it is at this point that things will explode with Leo and the kiss he shared with someone else. This will set the stage for a wild confrontation and it sounds as if that'll carry over into Tuesday's show.

Which pairs will last beyond filming and which ones will implode in Mexico? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there's still a lot more drama on the way but fans will not want to miss the chaos coming up on this August 27 show.