August 28, 2018
Jane Seymour, 67, Flaunts Age-Defying Beauty At 'Little Italy' Film Premiere

Actress Jane Seymour showcased her age-defying good looks at the August 22 premiere of her new movie, Little Italy, in Toronto, Canada.

Seymour, 67, turned heads in a body-hugging orange dress that spotlighted her sleek physique. Jane co-stars in the romantic comedy with Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen and Emma Roberts, the niece of Oscar winner Julia Roberts.

Little Italy was filmed in Toronto and opens in Canada on August 24, the Daily Mail reported. The film opens in the United States on September 21.

Jane Seymour, who shot to fame playing a sexy Bond girl in the 1973 film Live and Let Die, has aged gracefully thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

'I Do Everything In Moderation'

Seymour's anti-aging fitness secrets include a portion-controlled, organic diet and regular workouts that include cardio exercise, light weightlifting, and body-sculpting calisthenics, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Seymour prefers a moderate approach to diet, so she doesn't feel deprived or starved.

"I'm a foodie," Jane said. "I love wine. But I do everything in moderation. If I want chocolate, I'll have one piece of dark chocolate, not an entire tray. The same thing if I want ice cream, I'll have a taste of it and that's fine."

"I don't do major fasts or work out crazily every day," Seymour told Closer. "I hate to deny myself things. If I have pasta, I'll just eat half of it."Seymour said she typically works out three days a week combining cardio exercise, strength-training, and stretching.

Seymour previously got breast implants, plastic surgery on her eyes, and Botox injections, but said she now prefers to rely on a more natural approach to maintain her youthful beauty.

"I may change my mind [about Botox] but I'm already 67, what am I trying to pretend? That I'm 30?" Seymour told The Cut. "I don't want to spend forever obsessing over my looks."

Seymour said Botox turned her off because it looked unnatural and didn't allow her to move her face freely.

"I tried it and hated it," Jane said. "I always wear a hat when I'm out in the sun. I drink a lot of water, and my skin is at its best when I've had sleep."

While getting older can be a challenge because of the physical and emotional changes it brings, Seymour maintains an attitude of gratitude about each day. Jane said the best thing about being in her 60s "is being alive and healthy."