Paul Flart Fired: Instagram Star Who Shared Video Of His At-Work Farts Loses His Job For The Viral Flatulence

Paul Flart will need to find a new job.

The security guard found viral fame this week when a video compilation of his on-the-job farts went viral, but the video attracted a bit too much attention for his employer. Earlier in the week, a video called "Security guard documents six months worth of farts" shot to the top of the link-sharing site Reddit, leading thousands to find the Instagram page for the security guard who gave himself the moniker "Paul Flart." He gained more than 10,000 new followers thanks to the fame, bringing his follower list up to 22,000.

It didn't last long. The Instagram star posted a live video on Thursday showing his encounter with a superior that ended with his swift firing.

The video had an ominous beginning.

"So we're going live," the mustached security guard told viewers. "About to get fired from my job, probably. Let's find out."

He then exited the car and got into a bit of an argument with an unseen person about the live recording. After some back-and-forth, the viral star known as Paul Flart learned that he was out of a job.

"It's come to our attention that you recorded yourself in our uniform on the client's property," he was told before being handed a write-up that documented all 75 videos he took of himself farting on the job.

"That's it, we lost the job, guys," he said.

This is not the first time that viral fame has backfired on a star. A foul-mouthed 9-year-old rapper named Lil Tay found her own viral fame in the past few months for her videos in which she tossed around piles of cash and posed in expensive cars. But the fame caught up with Lil Tay's mom, The Verge noted.

Her mother, a Vancouver woman named Angela Tian, was fired from her job at a real estate agency after people connected the employee to the misbehaving 4th grader. Reports had noted that Angela was serving as the manager for her daughter, filming and promoting the obscenity-laced rap videos.

"As of last week Angela is no longer attached with our firm," Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group, confirmed to The Verge in an email. "Our firm does not condone this type of behavior and has no place for this in our business."

Though he may have lost his job, Paul Flart promised fans that there would be more to come.