Donald Trump Jr. Calls Elizabeth Warren 'Stupid' On Instagram

Melinda Sineriz

Donald Trump Jr. has taken to Instagram to criticize comments that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren made regarding Mollie Tibbetts' murder, according to Newsweek.

Trump Jr. posted a screenshot of Warren speaking to CNN.

"Asked about Mollie Tibbetts being murdered by an illegal immigrant, Elizabeth Warren says 'I know this is hard' for her family, but they 'have to remember' that we need to focus on 'real problems' like illegal immigrants not being able to see their kids," Trump Jr. wrote above the screenshot.

He continued in the caption for the screenshot, saying that the "left's platform" is defending anyone but "actual Americans."

"How stupid can someone be and how stupid can we be to keep re-electing these Democrats? Time to finally put Americans First!!!" he wrote.

His post has almost 60,000 likes and more than 7,000 comments on Instagram.

Warren was asked about toughening up immigration laws by CNN host John Berman, according to The Hill. Cristhian Bahena Rivera, the man who has been charged with murdering Mollie Tibbetts, may have entered the United States illegally, according to CNN.

In the interview with CNN, Warren said, "One of the things we have to remember is that we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where problems are."

Warren's statement was referring to lawmakers, and not on Tibbetts' family, according to Newsweek.

Warren went on to state that immigration laws should focus on those who "pose a real threat," rather than on separating families.

President Trump also released a video on Twitter saying that Tibbetts' murder illustrates the need for a wall.

"We need the wall. We need our immigration laws changed," the president says in the video.

Trump Jr. has been criticized for posting incorrect information to Instagram in the past. Earlier this month he posted a graphic on Instagram that showed President Trump having a higher approval rating than President Obama.

Instagram users called the post a bad "photoshop job," according to Newsweek. The Instagram post has been removed.

As to Rivera's immigration status, his attorney has filed a court document saying that Rivera was working in the U.S. legally, according to The Hill. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement both maintain that Rivera was in the country illegally.