'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kevin Raises Questions, Lucy's Perplexed, And Finn Scrambles With Anna

There's a lot of action on the way with Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers hint that viewers will see key scenes related to the Kevin mystery and there's big stuff coming with the Finn, Anna, and Cassandra situation too. Finn is being forced to try to help Cassandra and it sounds as if her condition could put everybody involved at risk.

General Hospital spoilers from the preview for Thursday's show shared on Twitter share that everybody will see Cassandra in a hospital bed and Anna with a mask over her face. Finn is telling someone that they're all at risk now, which would seem to hint that Cassandra has a communicable disease of some sort. Who is behind all of this and why did they specifically want Finn to help?

She Knows Soaps indicates that Finn will scramble and do some quick thinking as he faces this challenging situation with Cassandra. Back in Port Charles, Chase will be worrying about Finn's safety and he'll talk with Robert and Jordan at the PCPD about his concerns.

Jake will be needling Cameron about being in trouble and General Hospital spoilers share that Kiki will be facing tense moments at General Hospital with Dr. Bensch. They're both back at work post-trial and Bensch will be hollering at Kiki, asking what she's waiting for as she looks stunned.

After weeks of speculation, viewers now know that the mystery patient at Ferncliff is the cornerstone of a new Ryan Chamberlain and Kevin Collins storyline. As GH fans will remember, Ryan supposedly died in a fiery explosion years ago after multiple rounds of impersonating Kevin and trying to destroy Felicia. Now, however, it's clear that Ryan never died in that explosion.

It's not known yet when this Ryan and Kevin switch took place, and fans are speculating that Laura may have even married Ryan rather than Kevin. General Hospital spoilers hint that the tide is going to start turning here, however. Lucy will be worried and a bit perplexed by how "Kevin" is acting, and back at Ferncliff, the patient will be frantic and trying to convince an orderly that someone dangerous is loose in Port Charles.

Thursday's show also brings scenes with Jason and Carly, and General Hospital spoilers detail that he'll be feeling increasingly concerned for her. In addition, Franco will be popping up to help somebody with something.

Some fans are moaning over yet another twin switch storyline being brought to the forefront with this Kevin and Ryan situation, but this one does seem to have some enticing potential. Laura will soon be back in Port Charles and obviously connected to this twisted situation, and General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get intense as this plays out.