Is Ashley Jacobs Trying To Return To 'Southern Charm' For Season 6? She Reflects On Her Reality Career

Ashley Jacobs is being accused of attempting to regain her role on Southern Charm by apologizing publicly to Kathryn Dennis.

On August 23, All About the Real Housewives shared a report with readers in which Jacobs' motivation behind the apology was pulled into question. Did Jacobs only say she was sorry for mistreating Dennis on camera so she would be welcomed back to the show for Season 6?

According to the report, it is certainly a possibility that Jacobs offered Dennis an apology in an effort to smooth things over with her and return to the show. That said, she'll have to do more than apologize if she wants to be included in Season 6. After all, her boyfriend Thomas Ravenel recently confirmed he would not be on the show so her only hope at a role would be as a friend of one of the existing cast members.

After sharing her public apology with her fans and followers on Instagram on Wednesday, Jacobs responded to a fan who told her she should have never aired her "dirty laundry for the neighbors to see."

"Maybe I should have thought about that before going on a reality TV show for millions to see," Jacobs replied.

Jacobs went on to say she wished she would have thought more about the consequences of her on-camera behavior before she signed on to appear on Southern Charm in the first place, which suggests she may regret her decision and not want to continue to be seen.

While Ashley Jacobs hasn't officially confirmed whether or not she will be seen on Southern Charm Season 6, Kathryn Dennis took to her Twitter page earlier this month and told her own fans and followers that Jacobs would not be featured on any of the show's upcoming episodes.

In her Instagram post on Wednesday, Jacobs admitted to being "reckless" with her words throughout Season 5.

"I owe you all an apology," she wrote. "I'd like to apologize for how I treated Kathryn, and how badly I disrespected her. I'm not sure what made me think it was OK to speak to a mother the way. It wasn't. It was not my place to say anything at all, much less the reckless comments I made. I crossed a line and hurt people who don't deserve it."

During Season 5, Jacobs lashed out at Dennis at a party and labeled her as an "egg donor" as Thomas Ravenel, who shares two children with Dennis, looked on.

Southern Charm Season 5 airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.