'One Piece' Chapter 915: Luffy Unleashes Conqueror's Haki Against Ronin In Wano

One Piece Chapter 915 is yet to be officially released but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will be featuring Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro fighting Emperor Kaido's subordinates who took their ninja friend Tama. Will the Strawhat Pirates succeed to free Tama from her kidnappers?

In the spoilers posted at Oro Jackson, One Piece Chapter 915 will start with the ongoing sumo tournament at Boluo town. Urashima, the huge man who first appeared at Tsuru's tea shop, is currently eating at a restaurant with a Gifter who ate the mouse SMILE named Mouseman. Urashima told Mouseman how badly he wanted O-Kiku to be his own.

Mouseman advised him to take O-Kiku away by force since it is his privilege as a descendant of a Samurai. Urashima started to get angry and threw his food on the floor. He headed toward the owner of the restaurant and commanded him to "prepare a Tanuki dish you own as a pet."

One Piece Chapter 915 also showed Tama in a certain residence. In the previous chapter, Tama was kidnapped by one of the Gifters named Gazelleman. Inside the residence, there is Emperor Kaido's headliner Holdem, who ate the lion SMILE. On his stomach, there is a face of a lion, and both of them are frequently roaring. Holdem ordered his men to kidnap Tama because he is interested in her devil fruit power. Holdem wanted to have the ability to tame animals. He ordered his men to pinch Tama's cheek and learn the secret behind her power.

Meanwhile, One Piece Chapter 915 will also be featuring the arrival of Luffy, Zoro, and O-Kiku at Boluo town. Luffy yelled loudly, saying that they are there to save Tama. O-Kiku was shocked by Luffy's action and tried to stop him. However, it was too late as a bunch of Ronin came rushing towards their location after hearing Luffy's voice. Fortunately, Luffy easily knocked them all out using his Conqueror's Haki.

When they arrive at the center of the town, Urashima appeared. One Piece Chapter 915 revealed that deep in the town of Boluo, there is an event where anyone who can beat Urashima will win 500 pieces of gold. After seeing O-Kiku, Urashima claimed that she has already made up her mind to be his bride. All of Urashima's fangirls are angry at O-Kiku.

Urashima ordered his men to take O-Kiku. The lady Samurai went behind Zoro's back, but she was unable to hide since her body is too large. The people of the town argued that a girl from an outside tea shop shouldn't be allowed to live in their place. However, an angry Urashima told them that he is the one who will decide what is right or wrong. Urashima tried to hug O-Kiku, but the lady Samurai grabbed her sword and cut off his topknot. Luffy showed a grin on his face and said things are starting to become more exciting.