Sons of Anarchy: will there be a Season 3?

Spoilers in white for anyone who DVRed the finale last night.

But, whoa. If you found some of the season to be draggy, last night was a major kick up the ass for the show, with storylines for many arcs and characters taking sharp turns. Season 2, Episode 13 of Sons of Anarchy ended on a major cliffhanger, with Gemma finally getting revenge on Zobelle’s daughter for her role in the brutal gang rape earlier in the season, Half Sack getting stabbed by the Irish gangster who ultimately snatched Jax’s baby Abel and fled… by boat. The episode ended with Jax’s anguished cry and the Sons of Anarchy logo, and all anyone could ask is when the hell Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy is starting.

The closest thing to information I could find was on the Seattle Post Intellegencer:

Season 3 may be months away, but creator Kurt Sutter already has some ideas. And they don’t bode well for Abel, or for Jax and Tara’s relationship. “[I want] to explore what happens to a couple when they’re faced with a tragedy like that,” Sutter says. “To be honest with you, I don’t know where it’s going to go. Does Tara blame herself? Does Tara blame Jax? Does Jax blame Tara? But that will be a very real dynamic in their relationship.”

But as a fan of FX’s highly acclaimed and massively underrated The Riches, which ended on a similar cliffhanger to never return, the lack of confirmed dates is scary. I, like most Sons of Anarchy fans, can only wish and wait and hope for news on Season 3, as FX hasn’t yer released information on the specifics yet.