Kelly Bensimon Calls 'Real Housewives' Bethenny Frankel A 'B***h'

Former Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon admits that Bethenny Frankel has had to travel many rough roads, but she doesn't think that it's a good excuse for being nasty to others. Bensimon says she sympathetic, but she can't forgive the constant ill-treatment.

Radar Online reports that Kelly Bensimon agrees with many of the current cast members that Bethenny isn't particularly nice.

"A lot of bad things are happening to Bethenny, but that does not give her the right to be a mean b***h to other people."
Bensimon says that Bethenny Frankel continues to take swings at others even years after the fact. The former model says she took umbrage with the fact that Frankel says that she was fired from RHONY when that isn't the case.
"Dear #RHONY fans. I'm obsessed with facts. I was not fired. Bravo is a business. We made a deal which I agreed to. I apologize for any of the ladies who speak without facts. I got you."
Bensimon says that she can let a lot of things go, but not lying, and no disrespect for the fans of the Bravo series.
"I don't like when people do a disservice to the fans by lying. Bethenny is like the last word on everything that happens at Bravo. Bravo can do that. They don't need to have her do PR for them."
Kelly Bensimon thinks that it would be the best thing for Bethenny to step away from Bravo in general and take stock of her life and all of the recent stressors and tragedies, including the death of her boyfriend, Dennis Shields, who died suddenly of an opiate overdose.
"I just want her to relax and take care of her daughter and settle in a little bit. Maybe taking a step away from Housewives would be good for her."
Bensimon is obviously referencing the latest chapter between Bethenny Frankel and her ex, Jason Hoppy, who took advantage of Shields' death to go to court and question Frankel's parenting for having daughter Bryn in the care of an alleged "drug addict."

Hoppy's lawyer released a statement about the situation.

"Dennis Shields spent a great deal of time with Bryn and even cared for Bryn at times when Ms. Frankel wasn't around. Considering Mr. Shields' addiction what does that say about Ms. Frankel's parenting that she would allow this person to care for her daughter? This doesn't just constitute a lapse in judgment this was just downright dangerous parenting."
But the judge thought that this return to the court was out of line, and called for another hearing later in the year.