Chrissy Teigen Posts Adorable New Picture And Video Of Little Luna Simone

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Luna Simone Stephens turned two last April, and she’s already achieved Instagram fame. Chrissy Teigen, 32, and her husband John Legend, 39, have been putting their babies Luna and Miles all over social media recently. Not that we’re complaining — they’re cute as buttons! Miles turned 3 months old this week, and his older sister is already toddling off to school.

Chrissy is great at showing off how cute her kids are, while still remaining down to earth and relatable. In fact, the Inquisitr recently published a few words regarding her hilarious “projectile vomiting” story, which she posted candidly on Twitter. Leave it to Chrissy to make us “aw” and “ew” in the same week.

In her most recent posts, Chrissy put up an adorable photo of Luna all ready to go to class. The week marks her first few days of attendance, and she’s nothing if not prepared. Her little sundress and sandals are terribly cute, and her jacket is a sweet touch. With bows in her hair and her backpack in tow, Luna Simone is ready to tackle preschool.

Her school recommended that her family curate a little photo album for her to look at when she’s upset or overwhelmed, and Luna has nothing but the best in her hands. It even has her name across the front in big letters, probably the work of her loving mother, no doubt!

Less than an hour later, Chrissy also shared a follow-up video. The little clip gave us an inside look into how Luna’s week has unfolded while she was at school. She’s still in her school clothes, minus the little denim jacket. In the video, Luna explains that she hit her head — and apparently pushed a boy!

“Who did you push?” Chrissy asks in the video, which was posted to Instagram with the caption “GUYS.????????????.”

Luna explains that she pushed a boy, and Chrissy replies with a dejected “you did” before ending the video. Oh, parenting woes. Little Luna has a feisty personality, not that it’s a bad thing! We all have to wonder what happened out there on the playground, but her mother is most likely letting her know that pushing isn’t the answer.

“You can’t even be mad at that adorable face,” one fan commented on Twitter, and we’re inclined to agree! With Luna having such exciting adventures at school, we’re bound to get another update soon. In the meantime, we’re all enthralled with Luna’s cute antics.