Elizabeth Hurley Swims Topless To Burn Calories During Greek Vacay

Alberto E. Rodriguezhttps://www.gettyimages.com/license/642167582

At this point, it’s probably safe to say that Elizabeth Hurley has officially mastered the art of posing for the perfect bikini photo, and there is no shortage of evidence to support this.

The English actress and model is the owner of Elizabeth Hurley Beach, a new line of swimwear, and spends quite a bit of time showing off the collection’s upcoming releases on her personal social media accounts.

However, today, it seems Hurley decided to switch things up a little bit and lose the bikini entirely — well, the top half at least. The actress took to Instagram to post a short clip of herself swimming topless while on vacation in Greece.

The video shows a playful Hurley clad in white bikini bottoms swimming across a pool before halting her stride to jump out of the water, covering her exposed breasts with her arm, and landing with a cheeky smile.

At 53, Hurley has become known for her incredibly sexy and seemingly age-defying body, and now it seems her 1 million Instagram followers have gained an inside fitness tip from the star.

The Royals actress captioned the video, “Attempting to swim off the calories #holiday #greece,” and tagged the Instagram account of her swimwear line.

Earlier this year, the model revealed that staying in shape has become more difficult as she has gotten older but that hasn’t stopped her from working out daily.

“Simple lifestyle choices – such as keeping to a healthy weight and making exercise a part of one’s daily routine – are essential to feeling and looking great,” she told Hello! US.

“I try to stay as active as I can and feel guilty if I don’t hit 10,000 steps a day. That said, if I’m in London rather than the country, I can do pitifully few steps.”

A source close to Hurley also told Hollywood Life that when it comes to fitness, she means business.

“Liz takes health and fitness really seriously. As the face and body of her own swimwear line, it’s essential that she stays in shape, although as a model, it’s second nature for her anyway. Liz has never been a big fan of junk food so it’s easy for her to eat clean, avoiding all processed foods, and sticking to an organic diet that’s low in carbs and high in veggies and protein.”

The source went on to say that Hurley grows most of the produce she consumes and is an avid supporter of her local farmers’ market.

“She also drinks a lot of water, which is great for the complexion, as well as the digestive system, and she always starts off her day by drinking a large glass of really warm water as soon as she wakes up.”

When it comes to workouts, Hurley prefers to skip the gym, but instead forces herself to go on early morning walks for at least 30 minutes each day.