‘The Big Bang Theory’ End Determined: Season 12 Will Be The Last For The Series, ‘Epic’ Ending Ahead

Christopher PolkGetty Images for People's Choice Awards

Fans of the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory knew that one day the series would end, but nobody was anxious to see it happen. Season 12 of the show begins this fall, and now it has been revealed that this is where the journey will end.

TVLine shares the news about the decision by those behind the show to wrap things up at the end of Season 12. The site details that a joint statement was released by Chuck Lorre Productions, CBS, and Warner Bros. Television detailing how appreciative everybody was for the success the show has had all these years. The statement says that everybody involved is aiming to deliver one final season and finale that ties everything up in an epic way.

As ET Online notes, the series finale of The Big Bang Theory in May 2019 will cap off a run of 279 episodes, a record. In addition, the 12-season run earns the show the status of being the longest-running multi-camera series in the history of television.

Not long ago, there had been talk that The Big Bang Theory could well return for a 13th season. As the Inquisitr detailed just a couple of weeks ago, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl believed that there was still a story to tell with the show and that they were hoping to keep going.

What made the difference in deciding to end the series at this point compared to those hopeful hints a couple of weeks ago about continuing? It may have come down to contracts, at least to an extent. The core cast members reportedly would have needed to agree to new contracts, and that could have been tricky to make happen in terms of both salary and availability.

By making the determination now, the writers have plenty of time to come up with a series finale that will satisfy fans. This is never an easy task to accomplish, and the expectations will be especially high in this case. Filming for Season 12 is already taking place and the statement revealing the show’s end noted that they will aim to provide “an epic creative close.”

The Big Bang Theory fans are devastated to hear that Season 12 will be the last for the CBS show. The announcement on Twitter immediately prompted a lot of commentary with everybody expressing their sadness over the news.

While the show certainly could have pushed forward and tried to carry on past Season 12, many fans think that it’s better to go out on top. The series has been able to maintain a strong core cast and not many shows can do that for this long. There has already been one spinoff, with Young Sheldon out there, and some fans speculate that perhaps another spinoff of some nature could come once the original wraps up.

How will The Big Bang Theory end? Stay tuned for spoilers as the writers and cast move toward filming that epic series finale and tune in to the Season 12 premiere airing on CBS on Monday, September 24.