‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans Want Justice For Grocery Store Joe As Leo Sweeps Kendall Off Her Feet

Craig SjodinABC

Bachelor Nation is in Joe Amabile’s corner—again. The Bachelor in Paradise fan favorite, nicknamed Grocery Store Joe after his one-night stint on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, may have lost his girl, Kendall Long, to newcomer Leo Dottavio.

Fans were furious when the Hollywood stuntman pulled his biggest stunt yet by swooping Kendall off for a romance novel-themed date upon his arrival on Bachelor in Paradise, leaving Joe to drown his sorrows at Wells and Yuki’s beach bar.

Leo, who clearly has a thing for blondes, could have had his pick in Paradise, but date card in hand, he made a beeline for Kendall, who has been getting cozy with Grocery Store Joe all season.

On their date, Leo and Kendall were tasked with “acting out” a romance novel written by former Bachelor in Paradise bartender Jorge Moreno. The date concluded with a major makeout fest, leaving Kendall ultimately confused as to which guy could be her soul mate. In the end, she admitted that she could see a long-term future with Leo, but the long-haired Adonis didn’t exactly feel the same way. While Leo admitted he’s “in like” with Kendall, his subsequent makeout sesh in a hot tub with Chelsea proved he’s in Paradise to explore every option possible.

Bachelor Nation had some serious opinions about Kendall’s dip into Leo territory—and it didn’t even have anything to do with recent reports that Dottavio has been hit with sexual harassment allegations dating back to his college years, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Instead, fans sinply think Joe is the better pick, with a lot less hair to clog Kendall’s drain.

Bachelor alums Diggy Moreland and Ashley Spivey weighed on the Joe-Kendall-Leo drama, as did a slew of fans who think Joe deserves to get the girl. Some fans noted that Kendall doesn’t follow Leo on social media, but she does follow Joe. Others pointed out that Joe even follows Kendall’s twin sister.

You can see some of the fan reaction to Kendall’s love triangle below.

Kendall Long clearly got wind of the social media dustup her date with Leo Dottavio caused. The Bachelor in Paradise star took to Twitter to thank fans for their “concern” over her love life.

“Thank you all for your opinions!” Long tweeted after her Bachelor in Paradise date aired. “Though it pains me that I have never met or had a conversation with most of you, your concern and passion for my choices and love life warm my heart greatly. I bid you goodnight social media friends.”

Meanwhile, if Grocery Store Joe leaves Paradise still a single man, there’s a chance he could be named the next Bachelor star, so stay tuned.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.