‘Captain America’ Chris Evans Corrects Trump’s Grammar And Offers His Savage Theory On His Spelling Skills

Ian GavanGetty Images

President Donald Trump loves to tweet, and celebrities who oppose him politically frequently engage with him on the platform. Some even go so far as to “troll” the president by correcting errors or otherwise poking fun at his statements.

Cosmopolitan reports that Chris Evans, of Marvel’s Captain America, is the latest to join the chorus of celebrities and regular people examining President Trump’s tweets. Evans has long been outspoken about his own political views, which lean Democrat. His uncle, Mike Capuano, is a Congressman representing Massachusetts’ seventh Congressional district, so politics runs in the family.

Lately, Trump has focused a lot of his tweets on Robert Mueller and his current investigation into the presidency and potential collusion with Russia. The president typically writes his own tweets and makes occasional errors. He has misspelled counsel twice in two different ways on Twitter.

Evans put forth his theory as to why on Twitter, retweeting the president and suggesting he misspells words because he doesn’t actually read, only hears them spoken.

See the Chris Evans tweet here.

For the record, the word is spelled counsel. Trump has spelled it as “council” and “councel” in the past. Counsel is a homonym for council, but councel is not an accurate spelling for any word in the dictionary.

Evans joins many other celebrities in their public conversations with the president, including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. The author is a UK citizen, but even she has had words with Trump in the past. Cosmopolitan reported earlier this week that Rowling “trolled” Trump, calling him out for his treatment of the media.

Trump tweeted labeling a recent New York Times story about the Mueller investigation as “fake news,” a favorite insult for media stories he believes are inaccurate. Rowling noticed the tweet and appeared fed-up, responding angrily.

“I do’nt care what Kids at School call me because they are all Disgusting Fake Losers and my Real Friends go to a diffrent Scool you haven’t heard of and they think Im the Coolest and Smartest and we go to parties and I don’t have to tell you there Names for this to be True,” she wrote.

The errors in her tweeted reply appear deliberate and intentionally mimicking Trump’s more casual style of tweeting. The story the president was responding to detail that the president and other advisers did not know what was said by White House counsel Donald McGahn during months of interviews with Robert Mueller and the special counsel.