‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday, August 22: Brad’s Desperate And Julian’s Snooping Around

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show indicate that the baby switch storyline will be a prominent focus in this next episode. Now that the baby’s biological mother has indicated she wants to disrupt the adoption, everybody is scrambling and feeling panicked. Where do things head next?

As viewers saw on Tuesday, Brad told Julian a portion of what happened with baby Wiley dying and him passing off a new baby as his adopted son with Lucas. However, he left out the fact that the baby is Michael and Nelle’s son Jonah. Julian is anxious to try to help and Alexis is meeting with Diane to discuss the biological mother’s desire to parent her baby.

The preview for the August 22 show shared on Twitter shows that Alexis will ask Diane why the birth mother reconsidered the adoption placement. Everybody will be anxious to hear what Diane says in response, and viewers will remember that Julian happens to be right outside the door trying to hear the answer himself.

Is the fact that Diane represents the birth mother indicative of the woman being an existing character as many fans have speculated? Viewers have buzzed for months over this mysterious birth mother’s identity. Many felt certain that Nelle would be involved in this story and be the woman in question. Obviously, Nelle is involved in the storyline, just not in the way some anticipated.

There have been numerous theories floating around that Hayden could be the baby’s mother, and now some even have tossed out the idea that it could be Kristina. Of course, it may well be that the identity of the birth mother isn’t relevant to the storyline and isn’t somebody known to viewers.

Julian will end up at General Hospital at some point during Wednesday’s show and spoilers note that he’ll reach out to Kim for support. He’ll talk about how stunning this all is, but of course, he won’t be sharing the most explosive details of the situation with her. SheKnows Soaps suggests that Kim will be quite supportive and compassionate as she tries to help Julian through this heartbreaking situation.

Naturally, Brad will be feeling increasingly frantic about all of this. He is desperate both to keep Lucas from finding out what he did, as well as to somehow keep the baby. General Hospital spoilers detail that he’ll call Julian, asking if he’s made in progress in finding a way for them to avoid handing the child back over to the birth mother who thinks this baby is her son.

How long will the writers extend this baby switch storyline before Brad is fully busted and Michael knows his son is still alive? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may still be some twists on the way, but the Wednesday, August 22 show may be key to seeing where things head next.