Nicki Minaj’s Feud With Travis Scott Continues On ‘Queen Radio’ Show

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Nicki Minaj pulled no punches on her latest episode of Queen Radio, a new show that the star launched this month on Apple Music’s Beats 1 station. On Tuesday, Minaj focused her wrath on Travis Scott, whose album Astroworld has the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart, beating out Minaj’s album Queen which is currently at No. 2.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Minaj continues to blame Travis Scott and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner for her No. 2 position, alleging that the pair has inflated the numbers for Astroworld by promoting tour passes and merchandise via Kylie’s social media. Live Nation announced that the North American leg of Minaj’s NICKIHNDRXX world tour was canceled and will be rescheduled for May 2019 without opening act Future due to schedule conflicts. However, rumors are circulating that the North American tour was scrapped due to low ticket sales.

The allegations by Minaj against Travis Scott formed the basis of Tuesday’s Queen Radio show episode. TMZ reports that in Episode 4, Minaj lashed out directly at Travis Scott, labeling him “Hoe N**** Of The Week.”

Minaj proceeds to shout-out Travis Scott, Kylie, their baby Stormi, and Kim Kardashian, saying that she loves them all. Minaj also laughingly brushes off internet rumors that she has beef with Stormi. The rapper then continues her accusations about Scott’s supposed manipulation of his album sales numbers.

“What we’re not gonna do is have this Auto-Tune man coming up here and selling f*** sweaters and telling y’all he sold half a million f*** albums, because he didn’t. You stupid f***. You got your f*** homeboy talking for you and you got your girlfriend selling tour passes saying you sold albums. Stop it. Knock it the f*** off.”

Minaj’s profanity-laced rant on her radio show is just the latest in a string of scandalous statements made by the star this week. Minaj reportedly compared herself to Harriet Tubman and received swift blow-back on Twitter for the statement. Billboard reports that Minaj addressed the social media controversy during Tuesday’s episode, calling out Huffington Post for publishing an article that compiled tweets responding to the artist’s statement.

“Yesterday I said you guys were in the running for C***sucker of the Day. How can you guys not understand humor? You would think these people would have something better to talk about. I could not stop cracking up laughing. Real tears were coming from my eyes laughing. Is this a joke? They’ve spent millions of dollars to erase me.”

Minaj used the latest episode to address other topics, including rapper 6ix9ine not being approved by MTV to perform with her during the VMAs on Monday.