‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: New Sneak Peek Teases Shockers And Shake-Ups Ahead

Craig SjodinABC

A new sneak peek filled with General Hospital spoilers for this week tease chaos and intense drama playing out for many characters on the canvas. Viewers watched during Tuesday’s show as Michael and his family said farewell to Jonah, while Brad admitted part of the truth to Julian about how Wiley isn’t really Wiley. Drew and Curtis talked about Margaux’s past and fans now know that Madeline did take Nina’s baby and place her for adoption. Where are things headed next?

The show shared the weekly sneak peek via its Twitter page and viewers will see more with a drugged-up and captive Kevin this week. Viewer speculation that evil twin Ryan was back from the dead and keeping Kevin locked up at Ferncliff was recently confirmed, and General Hospital spoilers hint that everybody will learn more this week.

There is another frightening episode involving Mike and his illness coming up, and this may or may not involve difficult moments with both Jason and Carly. The preview shows Jason bursting into Sonny’s home with a gun drawn and Carly looking scared and stunned.

However, it’s not known yet whether those tidbits are tied to the scene of Mike looking afraid. She Knows Soaps details that during Friday’s show, Mike will experience a false alarm of sorts, and this will surely prompt another discussion about whether he needs to be moved to a care facility.

Finn and Anna will get some action this week, and the preview shows them together, Anna with a gun, rounding a corner and bursting into a room. Everybody will be curious to see how Anna got her hands on a gun and whether Cassandra will be popping up yet.

Drew and Margaux are spending more and more time together, but he is suspicious of her reasons for being in town and wanting to get close to him. General Hospital spoilers detail that there is another kiss between them on the way and soon Jason will try to warn Drew away from this relationship.

Something is on the way involving Kim, Elizabeth, and a concerning medical situation. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kim will be sharing her compassionate side with someone during Wednesday’s show. In addition, the sneak peek shows Kim and Liz at General Hospital and Kim looks worried or stunned as she turns away from something or someone and looks toward Liz.

At the moment, it hasn’t been unveiled what this situation is regarding. It seems highly possible that it’ll be connected to Nelle, Wiley, or Jonah, but more should be revealed during Wednesday’s show.

Alexis is meeting with Diane to discuss the adoption disruption, and fans may find it interesting that Diane is the one representing the baby’s mother. Viewers have been speculating about the identity of the mother for months now and Diane’s involvement will surely crank up the suspicion that the mother is someone known to viewers.

The preview clip also shows Nina on the phone hearing news that leaves her confused and questioning what the other person said. Of course, the most obvious guess here would be that this is related to the shocker that Madeline told Valentin regarding the baby Nina thought died. However, chances seem good that Nina won’t learn about this quite yet, although Valentin will be doing everything he can to find out the truth about what happened.

General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers have a lot to look forward to over the course of these next few episodes. Nearly every current storyline has some intense action playing out and additional details about what lies ahead will become available as the week progresses.