‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Reality Steve Shares New Updates On Couples Post-Filming

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Things are getting crazy with the Season 5 pairings on ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise and spoilers tease that there is a lot more chaos to come.

Filming wrapped up earlier in the summer and fans are anxious for scoop regarding who is still together and who is left looking for love. Gossip guru Reality Steve shared some updates in his latest blog post.

One of the big questions in terms of Season 5 couples is related to Tia Booth and Colton Underwood. This week, viewers watched as the two decided to officially become a couple, even after her bestie Raven Gates showed up and make her opinions known. Are Colton and Tia still dating?

According to Reality Steve, despite the fact that Underwood and Booth seem quite friendly on social media, they are not dating. His Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that they will split during filming and both leave fairly soon, and at least as far as he’s uncovered, they are not currently dating.

Reality Steve’s previous Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have revealed that two couples end up engaged before filming wraps: Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson along with Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper. According to the gossip king, both couples are still together.

He has also revealed that Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch will split before the end of Season 5, but have reunited on their own after filming and apparently are still together. Viewers will surely be interested to hear that Nick Spetsas and Chelsea Roy are apparently dating, despite his quick departure from Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers from Reality Steve say that Chelsea has traveled from her home in Maine to Nick’s place in Florida twice in the past month to spend time with him.

What about Kendall Long and the new triangle with Leo Dottavio and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile? Although it wasn’t addressed on the show, Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that Leo and Kendall had been connected prior to filming. He says that they both knew the other would be doing Season 5 and they had even gone on some dates together prior to filming. They live in the same city, which would make it easy to continue a romance, but it doesn’t sound as if that’s happened.

Reality Steve has indicated that Kendall and Joe’s status seems somewhat murkier than some of the others. They were still together heading into the Bachelor in Paradise finale, but then they split. Since then, Joe and Kendall apparently have spent quite a bit of time together post-filming.

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However, she’s also seemed cozy with at least one other franchise veteran since filming ended too. At this point, it sounds as if Kendall and Joe are dating, though perhaps somewhat casually.

The previous couples’ update from Reality Steve noted that Connor Obrochta and Angela Amezcua have started dating after filming, and he hasn’t noted anything about them recently. It also sounds as if Venmo John Graham and Olivia Goethals, who will be showing up soon on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, are also still seeing one another in the real world.

It may well be that there are other couplings in place post-filming that Reality Steve hasn’t uncovered. Some pairs have been spotted together by Bachelor in Paradise fans, but others may be managing to stay low-key. So far, most of them are being pretty careful about what they share on social media in terms of spoiling their relationships.

This does look like a significant number of pairs coming out of Season 5 and fans will be anxious to see who can make their relationship last. Will any of these Bachelor in Paradise pairs eventually tie the knot? Fans will be anxious for updates once everybody can go public.