‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Raven Gates Makes Shocking Threat To Colton Underwood If He Hurts Tia Booth

Paul HebertABC

Raven Gates, one of Bachelor Nation’s most outspoken alumni, may have delivered the most iconic lines in the history of the ABC reality franchise.

Gates and boyfriend Adam Gottschalk showed up on Bachelor in Paradise to play musical chairs in the streets of Mexico with pals Tia Booth and her date Colton Underwood. But when the music was over, Raven sat down for a harsh, one-on-one chat with Tia to express her concerns over Colton’s intentions.

Raven told Tia she was concerned that Colton, who dropped the bombshell that he is still a virgin while on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, isn’t in Paradise for the “right reasons.”

“I just don’t think his intentions are good,” Gates told Booth of the 26-year-old ex-NFL player, per People.

“First of all, Colton’s past dating history has been the It Girl. You’re the It Girl from your season, and he reached out to you. And then he went on Becca’s season, and now he’s back with you. I’m really concerned. I do not want to see you in heartbreak. You have to really see the true person that Colton is.”

Gates went on to say that Colton’s actions don’t always line up, and she urged her pal to use her “God-given woman intuition” before issuing a major threat to Colton.

“If this ends badly, I’m gonna cut his penis off, and he can’t ever lose that virginity.”

Raven’s shocking threat had Bachelor Nation buzzing on social media.

Booth later took to Twitter to describe Raven Gates as her “ride or die.” And while he didn’t directly address Gates’ comment about his manhood, Colton Underwood defended The Bachelor alum as someone who “keeps it real, 1000 percent of the time.”

Underwood also told fans that Raven said the negative things about him before she got to know him and that he is often the victim of stereotypes. You can see Tia and Colton’s Twitter comments below.

In a confessional scene, Raven Gates, who met her love, Adam, on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, further explained her concerns about Tia’s back and forth relationship with Colton.

“I’m trying to be supportive — but I just don’t think his intentions are good,” Raven said. The brunette beauty pointed to how the former pro football player had just recently insisted he was in love with Becca, another of Tia’s close friends, on her season of The Bachelorette.

“I don’t trust Colton, and I don’t want to see Tia get hurt. She’s overlooking too many negative things about Colton it’s kind of blurring her vision,” Raven said.

By episode’s end, however, Colton officially asked Tia to be his girlfriend. So there’s no more trouble in Paradise—for now.

You can see Raven Gates giving advice to Tia Booth about Colton Underwood in the Bachelor in Paradise video below.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.