Princess Diana Never-Before-Seen Photos Released As Death Anniversary Date Approaches

Chris JacksonGetty Images

The late Princess Diana’s death anniversary is coming up on August 31 and in tribute, Harper’s Bazaar compiled a series of never-before-seen photos. Ranging from her childhood to her philanthropic missions, the photos shed a new glimpse into the life of the Princess of Wales.

Princess Diana passed away in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, at the age of 36 and is still sorely missed today. Although most of her short life was documented by photographers, some of them never made their way to the forefront.

The compilation from Harper’s Bazaar begins with Princess Diana as a baby in 1962 on her first birthday wearing a white dress and sitting on a picnic blanket at Park House, Sandringham. The next photo pictures her a year later sitting in a baby carriage at Park House in Sandringham, Norfolk.

More photos taken in the 1960s from when Princess Diana was a young girl show her wearing beautiful dresses, playing croquet, and spending time with her brother, Charles. One photo of the two shows Princess Diana pushing her brother on a swing while he smiles up at her. Another photo of the brother and sister shows them posing outside of their childhood home as young children.

Princess Diana wearing a Jasper Conran suit during a visit to a community centre in Brixton, October 1983.
Featured image credit: Princess Diana ArchiveGetty Images

The following photos show the Princess a bit more grown up. She is shown kneeling next to a Shetland pony in Scotland in 1974 and pushing a child she was babysitting in a stroller in the Eaton Square district of London when she was 19. Another photo shows her posing with two children from the Young England Kindergarten School in Pimlico, revealing her love for children. A photo later on in the compilation shows a young schoolgirl sitting on her lap during the princess’s visit to Lallapet High School in Hyderabad, India.

There are, of course, several photos of the princess with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. In one touching photo from 1986, she is helping Prince William ride his pony at Highgrove. Another photograph shows the two cuddled up together watching a Polo match in 1987. A sweet image of Princess Diana and Prince Harry follows, taken during a vacation to Mallorca, Spain, in 1987.

The other photos in the 50-image collection show the stunning princess in her day-to-day life, taking care of her family and tending to the needs of her community. They are a beautiful tribute to Princess Diana as the royal family and fans all over the world honor the 21st anniversary of her passing.