World’s Oldest Cheese Discovered In Egypt, Already People Want To Dip It Into The Sludge In Black Sarcophagus


Many people like aged cheese, but when the cheese is 3,200-years-old, they might decide to pass on it. However, for some people who spend way to much time on the internet, there is the suggestion that a cheese this old would be the perfect accompaniment to the sludge recently found inside an ancient black sarcophagus located in Egypt.

According to ABC News Australia, an ancient cheese was recently discovered in Egypt. It was found in the tomb of Ptahmes, a 13th-century BC mayor of Memphis, Egypt. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this cheese is not only the oldest ever found in Egypt but the oldest cheese in the entire world.

Those who made the initial discovery didn’t know they had found the world’s oldest cheese, but they knew it was some kind of ancient food.

“The sample was wrapped with a canvas into a broken jar,” said lead author Enrico Greco, from Italy’s University of Catania. “The archaeologists suspected it was a kind of food left for the owner of the tomb and they decided to ask for chemical analyses.”

While this is a significant find for researchers, on the internet, people started wondering what the cheese would taste like. In addition to that, those that had been following the recent story of the discovery of a giant black sarcophagus in Alexandria, Egypt, the temptation was too great not to combine the two finds. This was especially so considering there was a petition on that sees a group of people wanting to drink the strange liquid found inside the sarcophagus.

While the sludge inside the black sarcophagus is actually raw sewage that has leaked in over time, it hasn’t stopped people taking to social media and commenting how they would like to combine the two.

However, according to Analyzing Chemistry, this may not be such a good idea since the newly discovered cheese also contains a deadly bacterium that can cause the potentially deadly disease called brucellosis. As ABC News Australia points out, this disease “spreads from animals to people via unpasteurized dairy products.”

Brucellosis is a disease that still occurs in the present day. The disease is considered highly infectious and can last anywhere for a few weeks up to months or even years. Symptoms can include fever, sweating, and joint and muscle pain. In addition, gastrointestinal symptoms can occur and these include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Complications including an enlarged liver or spleen can also present with this ailment.

So, for those wanting to partake of the world’s oldest cheese mixed with the sludge from the black sarcophagus, you might just want to reconsider.