Meghan Markle’s Brother Wants To Know Why Royals Accepted Kate Middleton’s Family And Not His

Chris JacksonGetty Images

It comes as no surprise that the Markles continue to give interviews. This time, it’s Meghan’s half-brother Thomas Jr.’s turn in the limelight. In addition to repeating that the Duchess ought to reconcile with their dad before it’s “too late,” he wanted to know why the royals could accept the Middleton family and shun the Markles.

Thomas Jr. brought up the case of Kate’s Uncle Gary Goldsmith, who was a potential PR nightmare thanks to him getting caught offering cocaine and prostitutes to reporters, according to the Daily Mail. Although the cocaine incident took place before the wedding, Gary was still welcomed on the big day. He’s also been a bit of an embarrassment since then, as he was convicted in October 2017 on domestic assault charges after hitting his wife while he was drunk. Also, Gary was photographed peeing on the street during a night out.

The Duchess’ brother noted that “I think Uncle Gary and I would get along just fine. It would have been nice to at least get an invite to the wedding like he was.” Maybe he said this because Gary has been caught spewing some negative things about the royal family, including unknowingly telling a reporter that he called Prince William a “f***er” when they met.

And maybe Thomas thinks he’d get along with Gary because they both have had brushes with the law thanks to domestic violence. Thomas Jr. is accused of putting a gun up to his fiance Darlene Blount during a drunken fight. Darlene was also arrested for a second time on domestic violence charges in July, while the first incident took place in January 2017.

But the one thing that Thomas Jr. failed to mention was that he didn’t go to Meghan’s first wedding to Trevor Engelson in 2013. Perhaps it was an embarrassing situation for Thomas because he was in London during the royal wedding even though he was not invited. He was only in town thanks to a tabloid newspaper flying him out.

Most of all, it seems like Thomas had momentarily forgotten that the entire fiasco was initially triggered by his dad staging photos for the paparazzi. Kate Middleton’s family, Uncle Gary or not, did nothing of the sort. And considering that Thomas Jr. missed Meghan’s first wedding, it’s not altogether shocking for him to be left out of her second wedding.

But for Thomas Jr., it doesn’t make any sense. He even said that “They have [brought outsiders in] before in the past like with the Middletons…. I don’t see why our family is any different.”