Farrah Abraham Says She's Starring In Upcoming Dating Show: 'I'm Finding Love Next With MTV'

Is Farrah Abraham returning to her roots on MTV once again?

While she may have been axed from MTV's hit show, Teen Mom OG, this past February after choosing her career in the "adult industry" over the spot on the show, she surprised fans by revealing that she may be returning to the network that originally made her famous.

"I'm finding love next with MTV, so I hope you guys really love that and enjoy that. I can't [talk about the show]. I'm just very interested, obviously, in finding someone, maybe a male version of me. So that's all I can say for now," the 27-yearold shared with US Weekly.

Last night, Abraham attended MTV's star-studded Video Music Awards, where she shared the surprising news as she walked the red carpet. So far, MTV has yet to confirm that there is indeed a show in the works and the details of the potential show are being kept under wraps for the time being.

And in addition to the alleged MTV show, Farrah told reporters that she also has a few other shows in the works at this time and her 9-year-0ld daughter, Sophia Abraham, will make a few cameos.

"I love taking my daughter with me as much as I can and I think it's really good for her. Sophia's with all my shows that I do, so we have another one coming up in September and that will be on NBC."
During the interview, Abraham also said that she hopes one day she will find a man who has the same values as her and wants to eventually get married.

"I hope to God I find somebody who I can and actually have that meaning of what marriage is, rather than just the action. One day, hopefully," Abraham dished.

As far as qualities, Farrah has a certain man in mind when she thinks of her dream man.

"I think I would probably prefer a boxer, because of where I'm at and their focus and how they're positive, their mindset," she shared. "So it's a very beautiful thing."

And earlier today, Abraham made headlines for sharing her thoughts on her Teen Mom OG replacement, Bristol Palin. In another interview on the red carpet, Abraham suggested that Bristol is stalking her, saying that she feels like she's in the movie Girl, Interrupted.

"She moved to the same place I live… I'm actually scared. I want to stay away from that," Abraham said of Palin's relocation to Austin, Texas.

The new season of Teen Mom OG is expected to air this Fall.