Sommer Ray Shows Off Body In Ultra-Sexy Swimsuit That Barely Contains Her Assets

Sommer Ray has been spending some time in Japan. Luckily for her fans, she's been sharing fun snaps from her travels on Instagram. And although Japan isn't exactly a tropical getaway, Sommer squeezed in a sexy shot of herself wearing a red swimsuit that barely contained her assets.

The model stood in front of some traditional Japanese buildings with sloped roofs, which instantly revealed to her fans where she was. The swimsuit is a muted maroon-almost orange color and it's technically a one-piece, but sexier than most bikinis. Most noticeably, her assets on the right side are fairly exposed, considering that the swimsuit only has a small strip that barely covers her body. The bottom is also a super high-v, and it connects to the top piece on the left side. Ray's also holding what looks like a teacup in her right hand, and she's wearing tons of rings and bracelets.

Fans totally loved the photo, as they helped each other translate the caption, which says "love you" or "love you so much" in Japanese. One Instagram user said that she's a "trendsetter," while others simply let her know how beautiful she looked. Someone wanted to know where the swimsuit is from, which is still a bit of a mystery.

While in Japan, Sommer's also shared a video of herself holding some sake in a wine glass, which is definitely strange, as she captioned it "just a random vid of me drinking sake like a weirdo lol." In another pic, she's sitting at the bar at a restaurant while enjoying some pot stickers. She captioned this "i'm sorry for what i said when i was hungry."The model supposedly started "taking Instagram seriously" in 2015, and has grown a cult following of 19 million adoring fans, detailed Cosmopolitan. She's known for her amazing figure, which she often flaunts for the camera. But it wasn't all just a fluke. She's been working out since 14 years old, with guidance from her bodybuilder parents. Sommer also competed in bodybuilding competitions in her teenage years, but dropped out citing that "it's a whole different world where many girls are on steroids, and I didn't want to do that to my body."Even with all of her unique achievements, life hasn't been totally easy for Sommer. She said that when she was 15, she was "slut shamed in a way -- everyone from my hometown judged me," and dropped out of school. And apparently, photos of her bare derriere aren't just about how sexy it looks, but for her, it was "because I'd worked hard for it. It's not a sexualized thing."