Tamra Judge Offers An Update On Husband’s ‘Severe’ Health Condition: ‘It’s Been A Struggle And It’s Hard’

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Tamra Judge’s husband has undergone six heart surgeries over the past several months, but still, doctors have been unable to reverse his AFib.

During an interview with E! News on August 21, the Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up about her husband’s health, explaining that while he has a “difficult and severe” condition, he’s in the hands of an amazing doctor and is making positive progress towards a recovery.

“He’s working with an amazing doctor out of Texas… so he comes in once a month. We’re in the best hands; I think he’s gonna fix him, but it’s taking time,” Tamra explained, via The Daily Dish.

“He is one of those cases that are very difficult and severe. He’s in I think [it’s called] persistent AFib, aflutter. And he had his second ablation; they ablated his heart 71 times about two months ago,” Tamra revealed.

According to the reality star, her husband has a doctor’s visit scheduled for later this week, and at that time, he will learn what doctors intend to do next. In the meantime, the couple is doing their best to stay positive as Eddie continues to deal with the side effects of the medication he’s been prescribed to treat his condition.

Understandably, going through such a tough physical challenge has been hard for Eddie, who has been known for his love of fitness in recent years. As his wife explained, Eddie wants to be healthy but gets tired very easily.

“It’s one extreme to another: to go from being the guy that is so fit [to now]. He couldn’t sit down on the couch. And I said, ‘Honey, I think this is God’s way of telling you that you need to sit down and relax and enjoy life a little bit because you’re on the go all the time.’ So it’s been a struggle and it’s hard,” Tamra said.

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Although Eddie Judge has been sidelined at times throughout the past several months, he and Tamra Judge were able to get away for a romantic vacation in Europe last month, which she chronicled on her Instagram page.

Sadly, traveling wasn’t the easiest thing for the ailing Eddie.

“The traveling on him was a little bit hard. We didn’t think it would be, but just walking around [was hard],” she said.

“The doctor didn’t want him to go on the trip like that because you’re always out of breath,” Tamra admitted.

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