Camila Cabello Responds To Her Own 2012 Tweet Wishing She Was Attending The VMAs

Evan AgostiniAP Images

Over the past year, singer Camila Cabello has certainly come into her own. So it was no surprise when she swept last night’s Video Music Awards, winning major awards and gaining important recognition for her work. Her victories include Artist of the Year and Video of the Year, the ceremony’s two main awards. As fans celebrated her triumphs of the evening, an old tweet of Cabello’s resurfaced. This tweet, from 2012, expressed how much Cabello desired to attend the VMAs as well as her wish and hope that one day in the future, she would finally be able to attend.

The unearthing of this tweet would have been sweet and nostalgic on its own without any other fanfare. Fans were very excited, tweeting to Cabello that she had done it and that she had achieved her dreams. Followers were lauding her for her commitment to success. But incredibly, Cabello not only acknowledged her old tweet but replied to herself, making the whole exchange public on Twitter.

Cabello took the time to recognize her achievements and celebrate them humbly with her response. And her tweet helped to inspire her followers to follow their own dreams, to work hard, to stick to their guns, and be the person that they want to be.

Beyond the awards that she won, Cabello seemed to have an extraordinary evening. Her date for the evening was her mother, one of her main pillars of support, and pictures showed how proud she was as Cabello received award after award throughout the night, including her award for Video of the Year that was presented by none other than Madonna, whom Cabello also looks up to.

Featured image credit: Andrew ChinGetty Images

Her sweep at the VMAs was a crowning achievement after more than a year of successive successes since her split from girl group Fifth Harmony. Since leaving the group, she has released several songs, including “Havana” which was one of the biggest songs of 2018 so far. This song also became the most streamed song by a solo female artist on Spotify ever, garnering more than a billion streams on the platform so far. Cabello also released songs across multiple genres, from pop-rap to Latin to pop to hip-hop. She’s also been serving as the opening act for Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” tour, performing for record-breaking crowds along with Charli XCX.

Cabello’s triumphs and subsequent tweet show her many fans that it’s never too late for anyone to achieve their dreams and that there is always hope.