Richie Incognito Arrested After Reportedly Threatening People At Funeral Home Following Father’s Death

Bill WippertAP Images

Former NFL player Richie Incognito had another run-in with the law today at an Arizona funeral home while making arrangements following his father’s death. Sources say Incognito went “berserk” threatening funeral home employees who called the police. Earlier this summer, the 320-pound former guard for the Buffalo Bills was held on a psych hold in Florida after throwing a weight at a man at a Boca Raton gym.

TMZ is reporting that the staff of a Scottsdale funeral home said that Incognito “exploded suddenly” and started yelling while making arrangements for his father’s funeral. He allegedly told people he had guns in his car, was “mad at employees and wants to kill someone,” according to a 911 recording.

Scottsdale police arrived to arrest Incognito and had a warrant to search his Ford Raptor where they did find guns. The car and the weapons have been impounded by police.

In May, TMZ reported Incognito was arrested in Boca Raton and put under an involuntary psychiatric hold after he threw a dumbbell at a man in the gym while ranting about the government. Witnesses said that the controversial guard was in an “altered paranoid state.”

The Buffalo Bills had just released Incognito, and at this time he is unsigned for the coming NFL season.

The Washington Post reached out to the Scottsdale Police Department which issued a statement confirming that Incognito is being held after being arrested. Sgt. Ben Hoster emailed a statement about the events at the funeral home.

“Incognito reportedly was upset with staff and began to damage property inside the business and shout at employees. At several points during his contact with staff, Incognito threatened to retrieve guns from his vehicle and return to shoot the employees. Once on scene, officers detained him as the incident was investigated. Based on the investigation, Incognito was arrested and held on misdemeanor charges of threats and disorderly conduct.”

Richie Incognito has had a checkered past in the NFL as he was involved with a bullying and harassment incident with racial overtones while playing for the Miami Dolphins involving player Jonathan Martin.

Then, just last season while playing for the Buffalo Bills, Incognito once again proved himself to be a liability when he got into a racially tinged scrape on the field with Jacksonville Jaguars player Yannick Ngakoue, who tweeted after the event, suggesting he wasn’t going to take guff from a bully.

“Great win to day! And 64, you goin have to come harder than some weak racist slurs. I’m proud of my African heritage, as are 70% of the other Black players in this league. #Iaintjonathanmartin!”

At this time, Richie Incognito is still in the custody of the Scottsdale Police Department.