'Bold And The Beautiful's' Karla Mosley Gave Birth At Home To A Baby Girl With The Most Beautiful Name

Bold and the Beautiful fans will be delighted to know that Karla Mosley, who plays Maya Avant on the show, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Aurora Imani Mosley Rogers is the daughter of Karla Mosley and John Rogers, and they already are bursting with pride. According to Behind the Name, Aurora means "dawn" in Latin and was the Roman goddess of the morning, or as her mother puts it "She brings the Light." Imani is a Swahili name meaning "faith." Mosley took to social media and shared that her daughter was born on August 17, 2018. She also shared some gorgeous photos of her first-born child that will have you swooning.

"Seems the word is trickling out. Welcome Aurora Imani! Mom and dad couldn't be more proud of you. (Born at home on 8/17 at 12:29a. 8.1 lbs, 22 inches. Already posing.) She brings the Light, she walks with Faith."
Not only did Mosley give life to another human being, but she did it from the comfort of her own home. She joins a growing list of celebrities who opted to give birth in their own space rather than that of a hospital. And for that she is a superstar!CBS Soaps In Depth reports that Mosley went on maternity leave at the beginning of June. According to Inquisitr, she posted a video of her last day at work. In the clip, she is one of the last people on set and she contemplates taking a long break from the show.
"Well, it's super quiet here at the Bold and the Beautiful offices, and I am about the last person here. I think it's probably because I'm so sad to leave. But I'll be back."

"Everyone's going on hiatus and I'll be on a super long hiatus."

"Thanks for an amazing year so far. And I'll see you soon B&B!"

As B&B fans know, Maya Avant cannot possibly have any children since she is transgender. Rick (Jacob W. Young) and Maya have a daughter, Lizzie, through Nicole (Reign Edwards) who was a surrogate mother for them. Therefore, there was no way that Maya's pregnancy could be written into the show.

Astute fans would have noticed that the usually fashionable Maya was wearing plenty of coats and baggy clothing in an effort to hide her growing bump. When the time came for her to go on maternity leave arrived, Bold and the Beautiful writers had her follow Rick to take care of business at Forrester International. Congratulations to the Mosley and Rogers' families on their precious new bundle of joy!