Jon Stewart Adopts Two Wayward Goats Found Roaming On Brooklyn Subway Tracks

Brad BarketGetty Images

Funnyman Jon Stewart just made the world a happier place for two goats that captured widespread attention in New York Monday. What’s more, the goats in question were in imminent danger after they wandered onto New York City subway tracks, according to CTV News. However, all ended well because the former Daily Show host found a home for the goats after police rescued the terrified creatures from the tracks.

The unusual situation started Monday when the goats wandered onto the subway tracks along the Brooklyn N Line, prompting a train operator to contact their command center about it. The “baaaaad boys” were described as white with brown heads, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the pair spent the morning prancing down the N train line to where they eventually made their way from the Fort Hamilton Parkway. They later made it all the way towards the 8th Avenue stop, where authorities decided something had to be done to remove them from the tracks.

Per the New York Times, the two goats were observed just “munching grass” and were seemingly unaware that they were delaying mass transit efforts for a couple of hours. The wandering animals were tranquilized and removed safely from the subway tracks just before 1 p.m. by the police. Afterward, they were promptly taken to an animal shelter. It was determined after the pair arrived at the shelter that they were males and that no one knew where the goats came from. That’s when Jon Stewart stepped in to help find them a home.

In video footage posted by Newsweek, Jon Stewart is shown loading the two goats the shelter named “Willy” and “Billy” into a Farm Sanctuary trailer he arranged to pick them up. The trailer then took the goats to a safe haven of the same name and the comedian later adopted the duo.

Farm Sanctuary is a 12-acre safe located in Watkins Glen, New York. As an aside, the haven is also owned by Jon Stewart and his wife, Tracey. Willy and Billy seem like they are in good hands and will join other rescues the Stewarts have acquired over the years.

Jon Stewart has long been an animal rights activist, and the comedian previously used the Daily Show and other platforms to scorch anyone he felt was on the wrong side of issues pertaining to animal rights. Stewart founded Farm Sanctuary to establish a safe haven for abused animals, and he and his wife have welcomed a wide array of animals to the shelter since they founded it.

Tracey Stewart is passionate about her love and respect of animals, too, reports the New York Times. She even wrote a book about it titled Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better. The book is an illustrated guide that details how to live respectfully with a diverse group of animals such as dogs, goats, and even spiders.