Ariana Grande Family ‘Terrified’ After Pete Davidson’s Pal Arrested For Drugs, Per ‘Radar Online’

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Ariana Grande’s family is allegedly “terrified” after a pal close to both Pete Davidson and the singer was reportedly arrested for drug possession on August 11.

Radar Online reported that Davidson’s friend, Joseph Gay, was arrested for drug possession while hanging out with the Saturday Night Live comedian at 4:30 am on August 11. A source told People Magazine that the drugs in question were weed edibles. People noted that Davidson passed a field sobriety test.

A source close to Grande allegedly told Radar that her family is “terrified for her safety.”

“Ariana’s family has gone from worried to freaked-out after her friend’s arrest,” the insider revealed.

According to Radar, Ariana’s brother Frankie Grande, who recently celebrated one year of sobriety, is allegedly upset with his younger sister over the incident.

“Frankie is upset because Ariana was always on his case about his drug use before he got sober, and she always said he shouldn’t even associate with anyone who does drugs,” the source said. “Now she is justifying her man’s drug habits by telling her family, ‘It’s only weed.'”

Davidson said, as reported by People, that marijuana has helped him manage his health issues. Just over a year after announcing his sobriety, Davidson revealed he’s back to drinking and smoking following his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

Radar is allegedly in possession of a police report which showed that Gay was pulled over in Fayetteville, New York, and arrested for criminal possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Although Davidson was allegedly in the car with Gay at the time of the arrest, he was not arrested but rather, listed as an “associated person” on the report, according to Radar.

Davidson has been spending time in upstate New York while filming Big Time Adolescence with Machine Gun Kelly.

Radar’s report is in direct contrast to a statement made by Frankie Grande to Us Weekly at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, where he applauded the couple and their positive effect on one another.

“He’s super chill and he adores her,” the singer, dancer, and actor remarked.

“He is calm. They’re the yin and yang in a way, where they fit so beautifully together into this very, like, calm sphere because both of them are, like, larger than life, big performers, lots of energies, but when they’re together it’s like,** ‘Hmmm,’ which is really cool,” he said to Us.

As for the couple’s upcoming wedding? Grande said he already has a hand in helping the busy couple organize their nuptials.

“I’m so excited,” said Grande. “I’m calling myself the gay of honor, which means I will be obnoxiously overly trying to do everything and probably get into fights with everyone in my family because I have so many opinions, but I’m just super excited.”