Artist Of The Year Camila Cabello Is The New Dancing Queen Of The MTV Video Music Awards

Evan AgostiniAP Images

Camila Cabello had the time of her life dancing at the MTV Video Music Awards last night at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, earning her the title of official new dancing queen, reports E! News.

During Maluma’s performance, the singer stood up to dance along, even coaxing her mother, Sinuhe Cabello, to join her for a waltz. The “Havana” singer’s dance skills allowed her to dethrone Taylor Swift as the Master of the Front Row Dance.

Although fellow singer Swift is known for showing off her dance moves at shows, including the 2013 VMAs, 2018 Billboard Music Awards, and the 2014 Grammys, where she danced to Beyoncé’s performance of “Drunk in Love,” this year was Cabello’s moment to shine.

Twitter users loved iHeartRadio’s gif of Cabello and her mom dancing with Maluma.

One user commented, “Her mama is the best part of the gif,” while another responded, “I CANT STOP SMILING.”

The gif shows Cabello clearly enjoying herself as she dances to Maluma’s song “Felices Los 4.” The two even share a sexy moment dancing together.

Maluma’s debut performance was an absolute hit. During his performance of “Felices Los 4,” he switched up the tone of the song, joining fast sounds of reggaeton with EDM beats. He joins the list of other Latin artists who have also performed at the VMA Awards, including Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Daddy Yankee.

Although Cabello stole Swift’s title of dancing queen, the singer is a huge fan of Swift and has only good things to say about her. Cabello told E! News‘ Zuri Hall about her relationship with Swift.

“I think we definitely have the same personality in a lot of ways, especially talking about love and relationships, boys, music. I was a really huge Taylor Swift fan before I even met her, and I think it’s because we both have the hopeless romantic thing.”

Cabello also took home Moon Man trophies for artist of the year and video of the year. The video of the year award went to Cabello’s “Havana,” which was presented to her by Madonna.

She thanked her fans before addressing Madonna.

“I’ve seen every music video of yours… you’ve inspired me so much…Honestly, I dedicate this to Madonna.”

When Cabello received her artist of the year award, she gave a shout out to all other female nominees and thanked her mother, who she had brought with her to the show as her date.